Announcing Alisa Cooks!

I’ve never been one for build up or creating a buzz, I just get in there and do things. So when I decided on the new name and theme for this blog, I just sort of, well … did it. So to help prevent confusion, I am hereby announcing that One Frugal Foodie is now officially, Alisa Cooks!

Don’t fret, all of your One Frugal Foodie links will still work, I’m not abandoning that website name nor the links (email subscriptions and rss feeds will still work seamlessly!). But, I’ve got to be honest, I was no longer feeling the theme with One Frugal Foodie. I am frugal, but first and foremost, I am a foodie. I wanted the opportunity to offer you more from my kitchen, beyond just the frugal-oriented bits. Plus, it is time for me to de-lurk as an author and as the founder of Go Dairy Free. My work is already out there and now I want to be more accessible (about me section to be updated shortly).

We just did a redesign on the blog a few months ago, so no big new look … for now … just a humble name change and a blogger on a new mission, but still with lots of delicious recipes. I did update the About Me page though. I hope you like the new name!

Just to clarify my circle of sites, and what they have to offer:

  1. Go Dairy Free – Website addressing all things dairy-free, news portal, information, reviews, recipes, etc., etc., etc. Established way back in 2005 (yeah, ancient in internet years)
  2. Alisa Cooks – Formerly the One Frugal Foodie blog … recipes from my kitchen to yours
  3. Dairy-Free & Fit – My second personal blog (just getting warmed up), this one more topic oriented on food, fitness, and health

Stay tuned, more to come soon … in the form of God’s gift to food kind, chocolate and peanut butter.