A Real Blondie

I am one of those rare people who’s hair color has never changed.  In fact, the color and texture could easily be mistaken for my 4 year old photo.  Not so bad, one might think, but my hair color is what many so kindly like to call “dishwater” or “dirty” blond.  Many shades short of a brunette, yet occasionally told that I am not a “real blond.”  Lacking a hair color identity, and not willing to resort to the bleach bottle, I was once again upstaged by a “real” blondie


Yet somehow I was not threatened by this attractive blondie, who spun for the camera to show off its sugary sweet side …


Sure, at first, feeling smug, I noticed that this blondie was a bit thick through the middle…


… and as my suspicions proved, this was indeed a “packaged” blondie, not homegrown by any nature.  I could even see the dark chocolate colored roots showing through…


Nonetheless, as my jealousy wore off, I felt for this blondie … so seemingly perfect yet obviously striving to be noticed.  After finally letting my guard down and approaching the blondie, my prejudgements were quickly cast aside as I discovered that this was in fact the sweetest blondie I had ever come across!