A Gingerly Birthday

Yeah, it’s my birthday!  Or should I say birthday week? 

Saturday, my husband and I went for a great hike with lots of fun rock scrambling just a few miles from our house.  Sunday, we met up with family and friends for dinner and to see a singer my parents know perfrom at a bistro off-strip.  She is the star of the show Menopause (I haven’t seen it yet) here in Vegas, but it seems many of the live performers sing at local establishments for fun and practice.  There were actually dozens of other performers from the Vegas shows sitting and dining in the audience, and each was passed the mic at random times to sing.  So much talent in that room it was amazing!  [Side note: feel free to ask me anytime on cool places to go if you are visiting Vegas.  There is more than I ever imagined]

Yesterday, my dad stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and drop off some cool presents that my stepmom picked out.  It is still fun to get presents : ) 

Today, hmmm, well there will definitely be some time off the computer to do things I enjoy.  That must include baking!  I am not a cake fan, so I am leaning toward perhaps some birthday cookies or birthday crisp, whatever it is, it will have some crystalized ginger in it.  I have a craving, and some of these awesome organic ginger bits from the Ginger People on hand.  Anywho, I shall report back with the dessert of choice and any other birthday ventures!