Blogger Mission: Healthy Back to School Recipes

Calling all health-minded bloggers, mom, and viewers!! The processed food industry has fired me up for several years now … ever since I started really reading food labels.

I grew up in the 80’s, with mom always looking for some convenience foods she could buy in bulk that I would eat. I just wanted whole wheat bagels and fresh fruit, but she persisted. I conceded on things like Top Ramen. I inherently tried to avoid food chemicals and over-processed garbage, but it seemed impossible, even then. Things certainly haven’t improved in our society, but after I saw this ad …

raleys ad

… I knew it was time to do something. An entire 4-page insert dedicated to Back to School, and not a wholesome food in site. Over processed garbage with “health” claims stamped all over them. This is what children everywhere will be eating as they head back to school.

I want to help fight this food polution and give kids a healthy chance with real-world solutions, so I am going to create a FREE back to school (and work) recipe e-book from the healthy blogging community. I already have some other bloggers on board for recipes – if you would like to contribute, simply leave a comment in this post, and I will contact you promptly. I’m hoping to have this ebook ready in two weeks! All recipes will be fully attributed (and linked) to whomever contributed them, so it is a great way to let people know about your blog!

Here is what I am aiming for:

  • Recipes that kids and adults like (we need good stuff for our lunchboxes too!)
  • Whole food recipes with some good nutrition in there
  • Recipes that are relatively inexpensive and not to difficult to prepare
  • Breakfast items, to-go foods, snacks, lunchbox treats, portable lunch dishes, etc.
  • Dairy-free or dairy-free friendly (so that I can promote it on my main site also, and to cater to special diets). If you cater to other special diets too, great!

Again, please leave a comment if you are interested in contributing to this project, and feel free to let me know of other bloggers who may be interested in sharing, or spread the word to them! Thank you!!