4 NuNaturals Stevia Winners & 2 Lindsay Olive Winners …

Congratulations to the following winners of the NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway:

Alli –  “I love using stevia to make frozen fruit sorbet in my Vita Mix. Frozen fruit chunks+ water+ stevia. Yummy fat free creamy goodness.”

Willow – “I am an absolute lover of stevia and it’s the only sweetener that I’ll use nowadays. But have only used the powdered version, and would love an excuse to switch over to liquid. Thanks for running this giveaway!”

Alex – “I use stevia almost everyday in my coffee and tea but I’ve never tried the NuNaturals brand”

Astrid“<3 Loooove Stevia I put it in my coffee, desserts, smoothies, everything. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I would love to, it could become my favorite brand. I have a sweet tooth so I make a lot of sweet things using stevia.”

And now for the Lindsay Olives Giveaway (see that link for some recipes too!) Winners from Twitter (you can follow me @GoDairyFree and @AlisaCooks!):

Meg @mmillerb

Whitney @whitrae