Food Allergies and … Love?

** Please note that the giveaway is closed, but I am leaving the comments open so that you can continue to share and read inspirational food allergy stories.

My friend Sloane, of Allergic Girl fame, has a new book coming out in March (check out her cute Book Trailer! I’ve got to do one of those … so cool), and in honor of its release, she asked several of us to share our own food allergic “love story” this Valentine’s Day. Oh, and if you stick around, there may be a giveaway in this for you. Just a little incentive …

A lot of the themes that Sloane suggested had to do with “dates.” As coincidence would have it, my first and only date with my now husband was on Valentine’s Day, exactly 15 years ago. I say only date, as we have pretty much been joined at the hip ever since. For all but one of those years, we not only lived together, but we have also worked together. Yes, “dates” don’t happen very much because I guess we are on one long and continuous date. He is actually upstairs working as I type.

But that doesn’t mean that food allergies haven’t played a part in our love. We are both allergy-prone, but I will just briefly share the moment that started it all … that led me to create Go Dairy Free.

Alisa and Tony sitting in doctor’s office. It was a 2-hour initial consultation with a new doctor, an MD who also practices alternative medicine. I had been referred to him for pain management (he was the only local MD who was also certified in acupuncture), but he wasn’t happy to simply “treat” me, he wanted to see if we could figure out the underlying cause (for ALL of my medical issues). After about an hour and a half of Q&A’s …

  • Doctor: So, have you tried cutting out milk?
  • Me: (flabergasted by such a ridiculous solution to all of my complex medical issues) Why would I do that?
  • (Silence)
  • Husband: Why not? Why don’t we try cutting it out and see what happens?

My food allergy love story is short and sweet. The second my husband said the word “we” in that sentence, I knew it was the right thing to do. I was so overwhelmed (with joy mind you) by the fact that my cheese-loving husband would opt to jump right into something like this with me, even though he didn’t have to. To him, the doctor’s words were spot on and logical. Me, I still wanted more proof (which I later got, in the form of a food allergy test. But seriously, I should have just paid attention to the results in real life!).

I repeatedly hear stories of people going it alone with food allergies, without any support, and it breaks my heart. Though I may have been able to do it alone, I might not have been as willing to try … and for me, it was a massive life-improving experience. That moment in the doctor’s office changed my life path. I was a financial analyst, I worked in tech, and now I work full time writing, creating recipes, and testing products to help others who want to or have to follow special diets. And I love it. I love him. 

So, at the risk of becoming overly sappy, let’s move onto that giveaway, shall we?

You can win an autographed copy, hot off the presses, of Sloane Miller’s new book Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies.

To Enter to Win: Sloane would like to hear some more food allergy “love” stories. Simply comment below with a positive food allergy experience you have had … this may be your own allergy or that of a loved one (remember, this book is actually to help those who love those with food allergies too), and it doesn’t have to involve romance! Just a positive experience. Or, simply tell me why you would like to win a copy of this book! You have through Friday, February 18th to enter, so comment now!

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Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!