My Favorites

Do you ever watch a really good movie or read a fantastic book and feel like you have no one to tell? Since I do my best to stick to recipes and avoid company-sponsored reviews on Alisa Cooks, I always hesitate to write about something besides a recipe. But … that is all changing now … yes, I know, it isn’t even 2011 yet and I’m already going on the resolutions, I’m crazy like that.

The focus of this blog will stay the say … revolving around food, my kitchen, and recipes, but I will be posting more often on various foodie topics and I have started a Favorites Section on this blog. This is not a links page, but rather my honest to goodness, totally unbiased recommendations of things I love. There are various categories, and I will add to it whenever something new that rocks my world pops onto (or back onto) my radar. The favorites include books/cookbooks, foods, movies, kitchen stuff, fitness stuff, etc.

So go, now, checkout the new Alisa’s Favorites Tab (above), read, and let me know your favorites in the comments too!

My good bloggy friendsΒ Katie and Lori have just posted their favorites too! What can I say, we all just love to hear ourselves talk share.

From the party-animal Fleming household … Happy New Year!!!