What Food Deals to Buy? Help!

So this month’s Amazon sales have popped up, and there appears to be some good deals, but honestly, I need a little help in deciding this month. Here are items I am considering:

Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour – It comes out to about $7.30 for 4-24oz packages ($1.22 per lb), much cheaper than I can buy it locally. But, can anyone comment on the quality? Do you like it? I know Authentic Foods is the best, but it is also way out of my budget for such a product, so I’d love to know if Bob’s is next best.

Note: There are loads of Bob’s Red Mill products on sale this month. I can personally recommend the coconut flour, which I bought on Amazon and have been pleased with, but they even have certified gf oats on sale. I would avoid the almond flour, which I have read is way too coarse.

Coombs Organic Maple Syrup – Comes out to $14.85 for a 32oz jug (or $7.43 per lb). This is the maple syrup I usually buy, but I have lost touch with maple syrup prices. Is this still a good value? Is it cheaper at TJ’s or elsewhere online. Love the quality of this maple syrup, but I think it is more expensive now.

Yogi Herbal Tea – I need some new teas, and have always liked this brand. Any recommendations on the herbal/caffeine free versions? Good Earth Tea is also on sale, but I’m a bit burnt out on them. Their Green/White Tea is excellent though if you like that type!

Okay, any thoughts? Any other awesome deals you see here that I shouldn’t live without? I’m amping up for recipe testing and for gift baskets, so your opinions are welcomed! Thank you!