Almost Raw Trail Mix Balls

This weekend, I had my first blogger meet-up ever. Yes, I have been running Go Dairy Free for 5 years, and this blog for around 3 years, but trust me, there are no other food bloggers in Nevada! If I’m wrong, and you are out there, please do share a comment.

This is the first in a string of online meet-ups I have over the next week (when it rains, it pours!), and thank goodness Lori eased me into it by being such a sweetheart. She brought her mom over and these …

The dark ones are like chocolaty Larabars all rolled up, and the lighter ones (featured in front) are Lori’s Almost Raw Trail Mix Balls. So good! I ate four the first day. See her recipe here.

Thank you Lori! One of my recipes coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!