More Than 25,000 of You!

Smart School Time Recipes has been downloaded by well over 25,000 people since its release on September 1st! Of course the release date was the big one, but between 500 and 1000 copies are being downloaded every day. Thank you to every single one of you for taking an interest and helping to spread the word. And of course, thank you to all of the wonderful contributors!

Update: Smart School Time Recipes is now available via Amazon Kindle and iBooks / iTunes for your iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone!!

It is FREE for your iPad. Amazon required a minimum of $.99 (wouldn’t permit free), but for 125 recipes all with photos – still not bad at all!

  • iBooks / iTunes link to Smart School Time Recipes (FREE!) – U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany
  • Amazon Kindle link to Smart School Time Recipes ($.99 – sorry, that was the minimum, free wasn’t permitted!) – U.S., U.K.  

It will remain free (and of course available worldwide via the download on this site), and as you can see I’ve added it to my side menu bar (don’t the two books almost look like they are dueling?). Please feel free to tell others so we can spread the word of healthy eating for kids and adults with recipes – 125 free natural food recipes that is! The information and download page is here.

I’m super excited too, as I am going to New York for the first time ever to be a panelist at the Self Publishing Expo. It will be over my birthday, a fun gift I think, if only my husband was going to be there though. Fortunately, I will see him the night of my birthday … I’ll be flying back in time for dinner. Alas, I only have time to stay in NYC for a weekend, but I will consider it a preview, and hope to go back with my husband next year. Plus, I will be meeting a very special person in New York for the first time. More on that later …

I’m also going to attend BlogHer Food in San Francisco in a few weeks. It is my very first blogger event (I’ve never even done a blogger meet-up since there seem to be virtually no food bloggers in Nevada – please pipe up if you are here!). Are any of you going?

I’ve also been added to a new blog database, Healthy Living Blogs. Check it out to list your own blog – and if anyone else is blogging from Nevada, please join, I’m lonely in the Nevada section of “blog by location!”

And last, but certainly not least, I owe a ton of blogger love to some amazing people. I know I am forgetting some people, as the list goes back about a month (and I missed thanking some people online earlier too!), but please know that I am so appreciative to every single one of you. This year I have had a little less time for online socializing due to some health issues in my family, but have been doing my best to keep up with One Frugal Foodie and Go Dairy Free … and am hoping soon to be able to dedicate more time to Dairy-Free & Fit very soon. Okay, enough of my own rambling. Thank you for brightening my days to …

Katie for making me an amazing custom shopping bag. I absolutely love it and use it for all of my shopping trips – especially since we walk to purchase groceries. She sized it just for my petite little self and even used my favorite colors. Oh yeah, and when not in use, my little monster cat loves this bag …

cats love katie

River of Wing it Vegan for this adorable handmade pouch. It is perfect for holding coupons and cash and stashing in that handmade bag from Katie, no?

Averie for all of the Terra Chip loot that I won on her blog Love Veggies and Yoga. It came complete with a large martini style serving dish and some recipe ideas. Very cool …

Deanna of The Mommy Bowl for a big Nana’s Cookie Basket. Seriously this package was so much huger than it looks. It was filled with all types of their gluten-free, fruit juice sweetened cookies and bars and even a “Bite Me” cookie T-shirt that fits my husband …

The Healthy Apple for a whole bunch of single serving Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. You can bet that is going on my next road trip!

Katie and Lori for the awesome cookie swap! We all agreed not to snap photos of the cookies since it was challenging to create gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free cookies that we all considered great successes. Nonetheless, I loved the cookies and can’t wait to give it another go!

Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free for this awesome review of my book (so glad you liked the stuffed peppers!) and for asking me to guest post, Asian-spiced Kabocha Squash anyone?

And of course, thank you all for popping by my blog. I hope you all continue to enjoy my recipes, whether in Go Dairy Free or right here on the blog (well over 100 recipes now!). Another recipe coming up in a day or two, so stay tuned.