Five Winners and My Guest Post

Okay, I have five winners from three giveaways to announce today! If you didn’t win, have no fear, I will be back tomorrow with another giveaway, and following that with some recipes!

Also, I have a guest post up today at Say Yes to Salad. Please go check it out! It is in honor of Maggie’s upcoming wedding, and there just might be an actual picture of me in that post, albeit a few years old! Yes, in case you can’t tell by the void of personal pictures on my blogs, I am extremely camera shy.

So here we go with the winners:

The Winner of This Book …

American Vegan Kitchen

and This Book …

Vegan Fire & Spice

is Comment #3, which was actually a “tweet” from rpattzlawyer @ The Eggless Tort. Her first comment was: “Comfort food to me? Tacos. Guacomole. Lol. What a coincidence! I just got these two books from the library and read them last night! They are both fabulous, and I would LOVE to own them.”

The Three Winners of This Book …

Divvies Cookbook

are …

Comment #185 , Kris L., who commented, “I would love to win for my 8 year old son – allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, soy, seafood, wheat. I need help – I’m a single mom trying to find variety in his diet. Thanks!”
Comment #144, Alison R. with her email sign-up! She also commented, “I would like to own this cookbook because I recently found out that dairy is the root of all my migraines. Unfortunately, my diet is saturated with dairy. For the sake of my head-splitting migraines, please help me by letting me win this cookbook. I’m new to your blog, and have to say that this inspires me to try new things.”

Comment #63, Sarah @ What Smells so Good, who wrote, “Wow, that would help me out a ton! Considering I have milk/egg/nut allergies, I’d love to bake from this!”

And the Winner of This Book …

Sweet Utopia - Vegan Desserts

and This Book …

My Sweet Vegan

is Comment #44, Jenny @ I Married an Omnivore, “My favorite dessert is definitely cheesecake! My favorite vegan cheesecake recipe (so far!) is this one: Thanks for the great giveaway, which I’ve tweeted about too!”

Congratulations to all winners, stay tuned, and for a recipe, go check out my guest post at Maggie’s blog!!