Summer Sipping

summer sippingMy good bloggie friend and holistic nutritionist diva, Meghan Telpner, has released yet another ebook.

Summer Sipping has contains over 20 deliciously refreshing beverages … including one of mine! Yes, of course I am in full support of all of Meghan’s ebooks, but I am just so darn proud that she selected my recipe (Watermelon Lemonade) for inclusion.

I have obtained a copy, and these are the highlights that I like about this ebook:

* All natural, whole food recipes with no refined sugars

* Tons of customizable blender ideas

* “Info Sheets” – Beyond the actual recipes, Meghan includes some fun and useful informational and “how-to” pages within

* All are alcohol-free as is (some have an alcohol option)

* Pictures, lots of big, colorful eye-candy

The recipes that are exciting me most include the Orange Sherbet, Mocha Frappe, Cherry Bomb, Mint Chocolate Shake, and Coconut Lemon Quench. But there are many more to choose from.

The ebook is available here (along with her other ebooks and tutorials) for $14, and according to Meghan, “the first 50 peeps to get their copy of Summer Sipping will also receive a free copy of Whole Foods for Whole Health Mp3.”