My New Website and Email Subscriptions!!

This is just a quick update – Please pop over (from Google Reader or other browser) to check out! First, I have a new blog/website:

Dairy-Free & Fit

Head over and have a look-see! I am very excited. Go Dairy Free (my main site) and One Frugal Foodie (recipe blog) will still be active, but Dairy-Free & Fit (or Dairy-Free Fitness) is my new more personal addition to the dairy-free family. It will be a food, health, and fitness blog intended for anyone who wants to feel good and feed themselves and their family well.

Though Dairy-Free & Fit will also have recipes, it will address other areas of food and life that are important to me (and I am sure many of you) in living well. I intend to address more of the questions I get from Ask Alisa, and discuss nutrition topics, special diets (dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and beyond), food and recipe ideas, fitness and exercise, general health issues, daily musings, and other stuff.

It is blog style, so please come on over and join in on the conversation! The first post is up now, but there is much more to come. Let me know what you think – I am very curious.

Also, I have an email subscription service now available for each of my blogs:

One Frugal Foodie –

Dairy-Free & Fit –

You can sign up in the “email subscription” section in the right hand menu bar on those pages, or just click on the links that I have provided above. It sends you an email (no more than one per day) when a new post goes up. Easy huh? I have really been getting into using the email subscriptions myself, very handy.

What is your preferred method for viewing blogs? Do you like Google Reader, Emails, or some other venue?