Veggie Opinions Wanted, Low Glycemic Challenge, and Nut Butter

Yes, more on the veggies, but I swear I have a cookie recipe waiting in the wings for my next post! Ooops, sorry, I said low glycemic in this post; I will save the cookie talk for now.

First up, I received my second CSA, and would love some opinions, ideas, and even links to your favorite recipes for using a few items in the box. In addition to the staples that will likely be used up in my salads (assorted lettuce, carrots, etc.), I received:

  • Beets: 4 modestly sized ones (is it just me, or do the roots look kind of like alien fingers?)
  • Leeks: 3 seriously jumbo ones
  • Mandarins: 3 lbs – they must have had some leftovers from the citrus share!
  • Green Chard: 1 boisterous bunch

CSA Produce

Last week’s beets were done roasted and balsamic style, so I am thinking of a different route this time. And with the size of those leeks, I think I will have time for a few leek inspired meals! The one mandarin I have sampled was alas a touch dry, I am hoping the others are nice and juicy. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on how to use up this wonderful produce?

Now, speaking of healthy food, my good bloggy friend Meghan is hosting her 5 Days Low Glycemic Eating group supported challenge beginning on Sunday. Click on the banner below to head to more information about this program. She has to be the cutest nutritionist ever!

Finally, what is your favorite nut butter? I spotted this deal on Amazon for Justin’s Nut Butter, which seems to be all the rage lately. If you do the subscribe and save (remember, you can cancel anytime and you still get to keep the discount!) and coupon code, on top of the already discounted price, it does come out to 50% off, trust me. I was scoping it out to purchase, but not sure if I should take the plunge.

To put it in perspective, the 1 lb containers of Organic Chocolate PB come out to $3.87 each, with the 1 lb  containers of Natural Chocolate Almond Butter at $5.57 each. Oh, and subscribe and save gives you that really good shipping so the goodness arrives right away. What do you think, have any of you tried Justin’s? Worth it? I still want to hear what your other favs are too? I seem to be getting those nut butter cravings. In addition to said chocolate varieties, I also have my eye on these ones …

justin's nut butter

I mean, cinnamon and peanut butter – heaven, right?

I know, so many questions, so little time. But I promise that you will all be rewarded with some more recipes to come. I think the CSA was just what I needed to realize I had my mojo all along. And just so you know – we polished off every last veggie from CSA #1 before #2 arrived. Yeah, I am pretty proud of all that green intake.

CSA Produce

All this veggie talk has me suddenly craving some chocolate …