Free Dark Chocolate = Good Customer Service

As my husband and I were checking out in the Whole Foods line-up, I spotted them, miniature dark chocolates from Lake Champlain. I inquired on the price and the checker responded, “59 cents … they are really good.” My husband piped up with a stern “You don’t need that right now.” Don’t worry ladies, it wasn’t a weight implication, he just knows how we both seem to be at constant battle with our sugar cravings. I backed off, knowing he was right.

But time passed, as we stood and waited … the checker made a major error when scanning in some items, and we ended up being “those people” who hold up the line … when it is really busy, of course. And isn’t it ironic that when the lines are piling up, the manager is nowhere to be found to override a simple charge? Regardless, the checker was very apologetic, and she must have seen me ogling those chocolates the whole time, because just as we were leaving, she handed two of them to my husband and said, “Here you go. These are for your patience.” My husband thanked her and said that his wife would be very grateful. He knows me all too well.

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate

I know, just a 59 cent item, but it did mean the world to me … both the excellent customer service (thank you Whole Foods, we shall return) and getting to discover these marvelous chocolates. I had never sampled Lake Champlain before, and though I tend to like dark chocolate that is 60 to 70%, this 80% chocolate was heavenly. It was smooth, deep, rich, and had just the right amount of sweetness. Some really dark chocolates are too chalky and bitter for my tastes, but these were seriously soothing. Yes, my husband graciously gave both of those chocolates to me, and I confess that I didn’t hesitate to take them!

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate

This is not frugal chocolate mind you; it is a splurge. But, when you are watching your pennies, those $.59 minis are extremely satisfying! Just wanted to share, as I assume a few (okay quite a few) of you are dark chocolate fans like me. So what is your favorite brand / type of chocolate? Do tell! I think we would all love to know.

Sorry FTC, this review is on Whole Foods, and I will be buying these chocolates with my hard earned cash (for a special treat of course) in the future.

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate

Time for dessert …