Your Recommendations: Holiday Party Recipes

Believe it or not, we have never thrown a holiday party. Our first home was quite remote, and since our more centralized friends had a party every year, we just never bothered. But this year, the key party-throwers not only have two little ones in tow, but they are also planning a three-week trip to Germany for the holidays to be with family. So it is up to us and our new centrally located home to throw a winning holiday party and bid them a relaxing bon voyage.

So here I am asking all of you wonderful readers for some recipe advice!

This week I am going to test out a dairy-free and light version of Hot Buttered Rum for the event (will definitely be posting if all goes well!), and we are planning on some crockpot pulled pork with homemade soft-baked rolls. But really, we need so much more. What are your favorite holiday party recipes? And do you have suggestions for any of the following …

  • Kid-friendly bites – There will be a good handful of 2 to 3 year olds there. Some all natural / from scratch recipes would be best since my good friend is doing her best to start her little one out without processed foods or candy.
  • A Vegan Recipe or Two – Just in case there is a vegetarian or two, I want to make sure I have some suitable options.
  • Dips and Noshes – We keep a dairy-free household, but I seem to be able to convert most recipes with ease, as long as it isn’t a three-cheese dip or something!
  • Hmmm, a semi-traditional German recipe might be a nice gesture too!

Sweets, savories, beverages, what do you love to see at parties? Thanks in advance for your ideas!ย  More recipes and giveaways to come …