Favorite Cookbooks Giveaway, Fundraisers and Dealios

Is it just me, or did Black Friday hit early this year? My inbox is flooded with special offers from just about everywhere. Perhaps I shouldn’t sign up for quite so many e-newsletters!

Speaking of deals, I have a few things to share for the upcoming week. Stick with me here, I will jump onto a few different things in this post …

I am going to be hosting “A Week of Favorite Cookbooks Giveaway, starting on Monday, and lasting through Friday (giving away a different surprise cookbook each day). Keep in mind, this is just some of my favorites, I have many more! If the response is good, I may be coaxed into doing this giveaway again. So each weekday of this coming week you will receive:

  • A giveaway of a “surprise” cookbook with a mini-review of the book (there will be options for gluten-free, whole foods, and vegan foodies too!)
  • A recipe either from that cookbook or inspired by that cookbook

Five days, five books, five reviews, five recipes, right here. Be there, enter, enjoy, win.

Also, there are two more fundraiser cookbooks that were just released:

fundraiser cookbooks

Kid-Friendly Recipes: The Blogosphere’s Best (ebook)

Cost: You Decide. Proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and you can purchase this e-cookbook of 49 recipes for any dollar amount. You choose how much you are comfortable donating. I did contribute a favorite recipe to this e-cookbook that I think you will enjoy!

The BloggerAid Cookbook: Recipes from bloggers around the world making a difference (full color book)

Cost: $30. Proceeds go to the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP). Honestly, I am not sure if I have a recipe in this book or not! I submitted on time, but didn’t follow the proper procedute. So I assumed I was out, but I keep getting all of the BloggerAid Cookbook “insider” emails. Either way, I am sure it is a fantastic book and for a great cause.

Finally, before I forget, the Cooking Light dealio ends today. And as I found out, you can order it even if you have a subscription. As long as you use the exact same address that is on your subscription they will simply tack on another year – no overlap. So of course, I ordered!

Also, I received an email about $5.00 worth of printable coupons from Cascadian Farms. They have tons of good products, but I like their organic frozen fruit (a must for making smoothies in winter!) when on sale … and I have coupons. They are pricey otherwise. Anyway, I wanted to pass these gems on, click here to print them.

Oh yes, one last deal mention. If you do live near a Whole Foods, be sure to pick up their Whole Deal Flyer/Booklet this month too. They are starting to be better about putting items on sale while the corresponding coupons are on. They had a fair price on Tazo tea, which turned into a good price with the $1.00 off coupon on the Whole Deal.

Did I miss any great coupons, deals, or fundraisers? Do tell.