Unreal Natural Food Deals for Back to School

amazongroceryaugust2009Usually, I do the big Amazon Grocery Deals list each month, but this month I got a little wrapped up in writing about the deals … since there were so many good ones … that I didn’t have time to make the full list! Though I stick mostly to purchasing whole foods, I do get the chance to sample foods from many great companies for Go Dairy Free. Unfortunately, their wonderful produts are usually a bit out of my monthly budget. So this month I was elated to see how many of those natural and organic food companies (some of them even gluten-free, vegan, and/or food allergy-friendly) had super-discounted products on Amazon, bringing them into the value zone!

I wrote the Amazon Deals Post for Go Dairy Free specifically, so it has a dairy-free slant in terms of the comments, but these are still foods I recommend regardless of diet. Now, if you do get a chance to take a look at my post and the Amazon Deals, tell me, are there any foods/products I did or didn’t mention that you want to recommend and that are a worthwhile deal this month?