Gifting TJ’s: What to Get for a Fellow Foodie?

Okay, I need your advice. My aunt-in-law has really gone above and beyond in working on the family cabin. When we return home, I want to send her a gift package in gratitude. But she has EVERYTHING! My husband’s side of the family is rather known for a little pack-ratting. Okay, lets be honest here, I couldn’t even do a simple morning stretch in their house without wacking my knee on yet another piece of furniture, nor could I find an open piece of table to set my computer without having to shift knick-knacks onto the floor.

But, there is one thing they do not have in Canada … a Trader Joe’s. And my aunt-in-law is quite jealous. She is a good cook, and loves to sample trendy items, including in the food arena. So I thought putting together a Tj’s gift collection to send up when we return home might be in order.

Of course, I haven’t trialed everything in TJ’s myself, and do tend to go back just for my staple tried and true items. So, whether or not you shop at TJ’s daily, or have simply sampled something from there in passing, I would love to know what has captured your taste buds (or what makes you wish there was a TJ’s in your area!). Please, do tell! Obviously, we need to stick with the non-perishables for the gift, but if you feel like giving a shout out to a perishable love just to let us know, I certainly won’t fault you!

Thank you  in advance for your help, and I will be back soon with some more recipes and maybe, just maybe, a giveaway or two …