Cookies and Coupons for Everyone … Seriously!

cookiesforeveryonepeekingToday, I have two lucky winners to announce for the big Cookies for Everyone! giveaway. With a total of 217 comment entries and 21 tweet entries, the following  commenters were chosen at random to receive a gift bag from Enjoy Life Foods, to include this fabulous new food allergy cookie-book:

  • Comment #51 – Mary Anderson – Mary actually won on her additional entry, by mentioning the giveaway on her facebook. But in her main entry she states, “This is a must have for my family. My daughter, almost 17 months, has the following allergies (poor girl): peanuts, tree nuts, lupine, egg white and egg yolk, milk, soy, orange, peach, and various other legumes (beans, lentils). I must get this amazing book for her (and me so I have some ideas for cooking for her!) The best Enjoy Life product our whole family enjoys are the chocolate chips. I have a severe lactose intolerance–so I eat them by the huge handfuls because they are milk free. Mmmmmm, thanks Enjoy Life!”
  • Comment #123 – CG the Foodie – “I have a number of students with allergies and I would love to be able to bring cookies in that can be shared with everyone in the class!”

Congratulations to both of you! Keep an eye on your inbox, as I will be emailing you soon so that you can collect your prize package!

As for the rest of you, don’t rush off! As promised, I do have Enjoy Life cookies (or at least cookie recipes), coupons, and more for everyone …