To Shop or Not To Shop?

First off, quick reminder, you have just one day left to Enter to Win Organic Cookies from HomeFree Treats. 6 full-size yummy packages in all, so don’t miss out! The winner will be announced tomorrow, and after that … a recipe that I think you will really enjoy!

Now onto one of my favorite topics, grocery shopping. Like so many, I shop around for prices, both in stores and online. And I always check the Amazon Grocery deals right on the first of the month. I don’t purchase from there too often, but once in a while I find a gem. My favorite purchase is Nutiva’s Coconut Oil when they have a coupon code for it. I buy the big 54-ounce tubs for a steal (when they have them); love that stuff.

Unfortunately, while the list this month looks enticing, there are really only a couple of items on there that I might realistically have use for. In particular, I am really curious about this coconut water stuff, especially since it is such a great price. Normally it is waaaay out of the range of what I would pay for a drink that size, but with the dealio on Amazon this month the O.N.E. brand of coconut water is less than $1.00 per little aseptic pack. Since I have been looking for a good electrolyte source that isn’t gatorade-like to mix in with some fruit for post-workout, I  was wondering about this stuff. I read through several of the reviews, but they left me feeling muddled. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? Is it “worth” it? Am I just obsessed with coconut?

On that note, my husband sends me the coupon codes and deals from Amazon in a neat and tidy little list at the very beginning of each month, and I find it pretty handy to just quickly glance through since time is so precious. I just realized that some of you might make use of it to, so I am publishing it here. There is a surprising range of sale items, from very mainstream to oh-so-natural. If it is helpful, I will post them in the future too, let me know! Otherwise, skip this post and come back tomorrow for more yumminess!

Amazon Grocery Coupon Codes for May 2009

$5 off                  Taco Bell                              TACBELL5
$5 off $19            Sesmark Crackers            SESMARK8
$5 off $25            DeLallo products            DELALL59
$5 off $29            SeaBear products            SEABER59
$10 off $29          IZZE Soda                           IZZEPOPP
$10 off $29          Red Espresso                    REDESP49
$10 off $29          DeCecco products          PASTAS59
$10 off $29          Paskesz Candy/Snacks        PASKESZ4
$10 off $29          Fox River Rice products    FOXRIV25
$10 off $49          Prana and Boomi Bars         DIVINE59
$15 off $39          Nature Valley products      NATURVLY
$15 off $39          Healthy Choice products    HLTHYCHC
$15 off $49          Khaya Cookies                         KHAYA444
$20 off $49         Kellogg’s products                ALLKELLG
$20 off $49         Cucina Antica products      CUCINA99
$20 off $59         Jack’s Harvest products     JACKHAR22
$25 off $69         Jack Link’s products             JAXXLNXX
One for $25         Kraft products                        KRFTIF25
Two for $25         Kraft products                        KRFT2F25
Free Shipping      New York Coffee Co.             SOURCEAT
Free Poster           Funky Food Shop                   SEABER59
5% off   Think Thin products        THINKTH2
10% off Paldo soups                        NOODLE59
10% off Peeled Snacks                   PEELED25
10% off Crispy Green Fruit Snacks             CRSPYGRN
15% off Mangia products              MANGIA59
15% off Reserve Du Chateau       WINEKIT5
15% off Natural Value products NATVALU5
15% off Ito En teas                           ITTEAA44
15% off MOCAFE products           MCAFE434
15% off Ty Ling products               TYLNG333
15% off Earth’s Best products      EBEST545
15% off Dolce Gusto                        DLCEGUST
15% off Hain Celestial products       HAIN3433
15% off Wholesome Agave           AGAVE333
15% off Senseo products              SENSE3I2
15% off Lipton, Skippy, and More             MY9UNILE
15% off Mrs. Mays                            MRSMAY44
15% off Garden of Eatin products             EATNGAR4
15% off Little Bear and BEARITOS              LBEARLT3
15% off Jules Destrooper cookies             JULESD67
15% off Walnut Acres Organic products  WALNAC44
20% off $20  Petite Palate products         PETITE22
20% off Talbott Tea                                         TALBOT59
20% off Blue Cow Drink                                BLUECOW5
20% off Pura Vida Coffee                              PURECOFE
20% off RAB Foods                                        MANISC59
20% off Dr. Sears                                            VITAANG4
20% off Enjoy Life Foods products         ENJOYLIF
20% off Maisie Janes’s products               MAISIE25
25% off Sea’s Gift products                         JAYONE59
25% off Tiger Tiger crackers                     TIGERT25
25% off Hearts & Minds                               HEARTS25
25% off Sahale Snacks                                  SAHAL999
25% off Hillside Candy                                HILSIDE5
30% off Source Atlantique products    SOURCEAT
30% off Sophia’s Gourmet                        SOPHIA99
35% off O.N.E. Coconut Water               COCON355
45% off Panda Cremes                               PANDCRE5

You can use all of these deals on Amazon Grocery, free shipping with all orders over $25 (my favorite part)! For the most part, these offers expire on May 31st.