Don’t Forget Mom!

The clock is ticking … just over a week until Mother’s Day. I am doing my best to plan ahead so I don’t end up in a last minute panic calling a local florist where my mom lives. In fact, I gathered together some of my top Mother’s Day Foodie Picks, including recipes for homemade gifts and awesome premade gifts for purchase. All of the “to purchase” items are ones I have sampled myself and consider worth the money rather than overpriced bundles monopolizing on the necessity of this special day. Nuf said.

[Note: All of my picks are “friendly” for lactose intolerance and other milk-free dieters, as well as vegans and other special diets; but seriously, they are just plain awesome, free-from diet or not!]

I had planned on doing something homemade. Definitely including dark chocolate and almonds, since my mom loves both. But … after getting a gander at the Mom’s Day Box from Premium Chocolatiers, I may not be able to resist sending her this …

Premium Chocolatiers

Premium Chocolatiers

My article on Mother’s Day Picks included Premium Chocolatiers, but that was even before I saw this new heart box filled with “milk” and dark chocolates. From a value perspective, I am still loyal to their traditional truffle box. But, when that extra-special packaging and a few more truffles are required, this may be worth the step up. In case you hadn’t heard, Premium Chocolatiers runs a dedicated dairy-free and nut-free facility … and their chocolates are deee-lish-us!

Okay, with all of that over-indulgence out of the way, I will be back tomorrow with a healthier post and this weekend with a giveaway!