Finding My Mojo

I think we all lose our mojo at certain times in our life, whether it be our inspiration, energy, creativity, or motivation. And let’s face it, getting it back is no walk in the park. But like Austin Powers (my idol of course) , I have vowed to get it back at any cost.

My mojo started to slip away about a year ago. I played soccer for 25 years of my life, at least 2 days a week, if not more. Sure, there were injuries, vacations, etc., that sidelined me for a period of time, but I always knew I would be back. Mind you, I am not a competitive person at all, but soccer was my fun, my fitness, and my social network all rolled up into one easy to schedule event. But, last year, about this time, a permanent injury on the field ensured that I would not be returning to soccer or any other contact sports. Doctor’s orders. Darn that doctor.

So, I made feable attempts to continue exercising and immersed myself in finally writing my book. I was in the kitchen constantly, testing and creating recipes. It was fun, but then, my book was done. As a reward for completing it, and to relax, I gave myself a break from the kitchen. Big mistake. So we began to eat out more, and I started exercising less, and I ate more quick sugars, and I started exercising less … do you see a negative pattern forming here?

Needless to say, my energy, inspiration, creativity, and motivation (aka mojo) have all but left me. But I will be darned if I don’t go chasing after it! Luckily, I have a partner in pursuit of their stolen mojo too, my husband.

ohbehaveWhile lying in a hotel room, watching an infomercial on TV, after consuming a giant dinner out (um, I did say our mojo was gone didn’t I?), Mini-Me ran in and started jumping up and down on our stomachs. Okay, not literally, but it felt like it. Actually, for the first time in my life, one of those irritating infomercials was useful!

We both started talking after it and just one week later, here we are, embarking on a well-planned diet and fitness routine. It is a strict one, making it very difficult for us to stray. And the eating portion is really just preparing all natural food from scratch, no skimping or starving at all (more food in fact!), my kind of dealio. It is more about exercising and eating the foods you need to support that lifestyle as you get fit and for the long run.

Though my husband does need to lose a few pounds (or more) around his middle (I love you dear!), our main goal isn’t weight loss, it is to recapture our energy. We want to get back into hiking, swimming, and all of the things that we now just feel too lazy to do.

groovybabyI am not yet going to mention the food and fitness plan we are trialing, as I don’t want to promote something until I know it is effective. However, I will be posting up more recipes and foodie ideas. Don’t think for a minute that this means less posts, au contraire baby! (sorry, channeling my inner Austin again)

For anyone still with me, thanks for reading and wish us luck!