Friends and Giveaways, Can We Ever Have Too Many?

I was honored with a wonderful blog “Friends Award” to pass on and share, and I also have some other giveaways to mention …

friendsMariposa at What Do I Eat Now? is by far my most energetic bloggy friend, and she has bestowed this awesome Friends award upon me, which I am now honored to pass on. The rules seem loose, but I want to award six bloggy friends who I think of as “my possy.”  These ladies not only run awesome blogs, but they have also contributed tons of wonderful recipes and reviews to Go Dairy Free (my alter ego) … I don’t know what I would do with out them (don’t forget to pass it on!) …

  • Hannah at Bittersweet is certainly my longest running blogger friend, and honestly, she has been my biggest inspiration. For over a year we literally emailed daily; and if you haven’t seen her awesome blog then I just have to know, where have you been?
  • Sarah at No Whey Mama has to be one of the most awesome moms, and I more than enjoy having her as a fellow dairy-free blogger.
  • Sarena at The Non-Dairy Queen and I have far too much in common. If only she didn’t live on the other side of the country!
  • Veggiegirl probably has a bazillion of these awards stacking up in her inbox, but I appreciate her too much not to throw one more her way.
  • Karen at Avoiding Milk Protein is a machine when it comes to discovering all things related to milk allergies. I am always amazed at what she finds.
  • And of course, right back at Mariposa. Seriously, her positive energy is infectious!

For some awesome recipes and posts, check out all of these ladies’ blogs. Now, for the giveaways! As you probably know, today is the last day to enter the Navan Foods Giveaway on this blog, so enter now if you haven’t already, but there are a couple more I would like to mention:

I can vouch that both products are awesome, so don’t miss out!

Back tomorrow with two winners and more recipes coming your way soon!