It’s the Simple Flavors in Life …

This cold has really knocked me out. So much for a relaxing vacation to revive and renew! I have officially been “I don’t want to be on the  computer” sick for 10 days now (3 of which were during our vacation). But, I am not whining (okay, much), because, not once have I lost my appetite. Yes, I am probably gaining weight as I lump around the house with coughing fits. The only thing is, my senses are a bit dulled, I have no interest in creating recipes and I can’t really taste subtle flavors. I just want simple food with my favorite flavors that my taste buds can always recognize. Which made me realize something. My favorite foods to make and eat really are the simplest ones.


On that note, I am going to ask you to play along, as I would love to share and receive some more simple “comfort” food ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Steamed broccoli sprinkled with Sea Salt (sometimes with a drizzle of rich oil, like coconut)
  • Steamed Butternut Squash (yeah, I cheat with the pre-pack when they are on clearance) – the topping varies, but there is always cinnamon and a pinch or two of salt. I sometimes stir in ground flax, nut butter, or a little coconut oil.
  • Brown Rice Cakes or Homemade Bread slathered with Nut Butter (almond butter from TJ’s being my absolute favorite) and sprinkled with Cinnamon; if I am craving sweet, I drizzle on Honey. My husband loves it PB & J style.
  • Frozen Peas with Mayo stirred in and a few shakes of Herbs. I usually add some other veggies (carrots, corn, etc.) and also like this with pasta (ooh, and small strips of ham if available) for a super simple pasta salad, with extra peas of course. I usually use vegan mayo, but like the natural stuff too.
  • Orange cut into segments and sprinkled with Cinnamon. (Can you tell from this blog that I like oranges just a bit? I mean seriously, even though I totally botched these photos they still look so good …)


  • Graham Crackers slathered with Leftover (homemade) Frosting. Come on, they don’t all have to be healthy do they?
  • Frozen Mango Chunks when I am hot (good for a fever!). It is just like rich and fruity popsicles.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and Vegan Carob Chips savored together.
  • Frozen Banana blended with Frozen Blueberries and a bit of Almond Milk to reach the right consistency. Toss in whatever else you like, this is just the perfect base in my book.
  • Leftover Rice (brown or white) with a pat of DF Margarine (Earth Balance) melted in, or some coconut oil, pinch of salt, and a little nutritional yeast (that combo yields a nice buttery-like flavor).

Now tell me yours! What are some of your favorite simple foods to nosh on when hunger strikes and you just don’t feel like really cooking. Is it a simple fruit or veggie? What about basic pastas? Are you a tortilla freak? What soothes your sweet tooth in a pinch? Do you have some spices or seasonings that just do it for you? Please do tell! I am dying for some more ideas and I am sure you all would love some new ones too.

As a side note, in terms of a simple soup, I wanted to thank you all for voting for my Dairy Free Creamy Potato Miso Soup for No Croutons Required, it won!  Not only that, but Whole Foods picked it up for their Best Meal of the Week on their blog while I was away. Hmmm, soup, that sounds nice right now.