Free and Cheap Magazines for Healthy Foodies

I have a confession to make, I am a recovering magazine addict.  I couldn’t help it, they called out to me.  In fact, for years, I was a closet foodie who couldn’t cook. Every time I went to the store I had to buy a foodie magazine. I oohed and awed over the recipes, clipping them out … but I didn’t cook. Beyond your basic Top Ramen and nuking veggie burger I was lost. 

Of course, buying magazines one by one got far too expensive, so I got a few subscriptions.  Then my husband came into the picture, and he started finding free subscriptions for me (on the ground that I actually start trying the recipes!).  Oh, the moral hazard of it.  We are minimalists … no storage unit, no garage; just two neat and tidy closets and a largepantry full of food and necessities. Yet, that pile of magazines follows me everywhere. I vowed that I wouldn’t enter 2009 with those 200+ magazines I still had milling about, but here they sit.


(Yes, those are 2006  and older issues, and no, Organic Style doesn’t even exist anymore – at least I am up to the 2000’s! There are several huge piles of magazines sitting next to this table, I just couldn’t bear to photograph them!)

cookinglightThen, I vowed no more magazine subscriptions until they were cleaned out.  But, then my husband found a free three-year subscription to Today’s Diet and Nutrition (I am so sorry, I didn’t realize he did, and the coupon code expired, otherwise I would have posted it! – but good news ahead), which is in my current top five.  And then, for Valentine’s Day he couldn’t resist getting me a subscription to Cooking Light … my all time favorite, which I have missed so much.  If you are a Cooking Light fan, then you know that discounts can be hard to come by, but here is what he did:

He went through’s Cashback; you have to sign up, but we have been using for a long time now without a problem.  Once signed up, find, and go to it (be sure to go there through your account to get 25% cashback). Once on, place Cooking Light in your cart and use the coupon code wintermags on checkout. You will pay $13.00 for one year, and then get cashback from for an end price of $9.75. 

bodyandsoulNow, how about a freebie?  So, I found a free 1-year subscription to Body + Soul Magazine, no strings attached. Do this quick survey, which signs you up for their RewardsGold club, and gives you the choice to get this free year subscription.  No credit card required, it really is free and the survey is very short and painless! I have never actually bought this magazine myself, but signed up for the free year, and am looking forward to giving it a test run.

Since stores can vary just about everywhere, I don’t post up local deals I find, but will keep posting online deals that I think fellow foodies might like.  Is this a good idea?  Would you be interested?

My two new recipes this past week weren’t post-worthy (not yet anyway), but there are more recipes (and giveaways) to come! In the mean time, wish me luck in finally cleaning out these magazines before my new subscriptions start to arrive!