Product Giveaway: Organic Baby Food for HappyBellies!

HappyBabyThis week’s giveaway is for all you “new” moms out there … HappyBaby is offering a package of eight free trial coupons too two lucky winners.  Each winner will receive 2 coupons for each of the following product lines (8 free trial coupons in total): HappyBaby Frozen Organic Meals, HappyBellies Organic Dry Cereals, HappyBaby Organic Puffs, and HappyBites Finger Food.  They will also send along an Infant and toddler Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Sears, an FAQ on Probiotics & DHA, and HappyFamily Recipes.

To Enter: Leave a comment below (on this post) and tell us your baby’s favorite flavor of baby food (or say, your sister’s baby if that’s who you’re entering for).  This is important … inquiring minds want to know!

Typically, I sample products myself before we offer them for giveaway, but since my only “child” is a cat, and these products looked pretty awesome, I thought we would go for it.  Of special note, all HappyBaby products are organic with 100% natural ingredients. And, for all those special diet babies out there (you know who you are), HappyBaby is listening:

  • HAPPYBABY Frozen Meals … most are produced in a nut-free facility, most are gluten- and wheat-free, and all are made without dairy and without soy … but they are made with fresh frozen fruits, vegetables, grains and meats.
  • HAPPYBELLIES Organic Dry Cereals … do not contain soy or dairy, but they do have probiotic protection and DHA.
  • HAPPYBABY PUFFS … are brand new little finger snacks, that are made with organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits.  These little gems are made without dairy, and I believe they may be free-from a few other major allergens, but this is a brand new product, so I will have to look into it. 
  • HAPPYBITES finger foods … contain hidden veggies and dipping sauces, and some flavors do contain cheese.   

HappyBaby products are sold in grocers throughout the U.S. and select items are also now available on Amazon.  Oh yes, since these products are still in the U.S. only, this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents, but there will be more in the future for those of you in other countries!

HappyBaby Baby Food

Now go ahead and leave a comment below (don’t forget that favorite flavor); the winners will be announced on Friday, January 30th!