Non-GMO Corn Starch … for a Fair Price!

Bob's Red Mill Corn StarchThere are certain dietary things that my husband easily goes along with and there are other things … well, not so much.

No fast food?  Well he is getting better …

The vegan diet? It was a valiant 4-month adventure for him, but in the end, he is more carnivore than herbivore.

No GMO’s?  Well now we have a winner.  This is one area where he not only supports me, but he leads the way in enforcement during our grocery shopping trips (okay, so the once a week fast food may sabotage this just a bit, but I try to cut the guy some slack, we are making progress here!).

Anyway, I was stuck on cornstarch.  Arrowroot powder is expensive in my area (at least $5 a bag on a good day), and for some reason, it just doesn’t always perform as nicely as cornstarch.  But, I only found one brand of cornstarch, labeled as organic, that I could be sure was non-GMO … for over $5 a box!  Oh no.  This would just not do for a kitchen staple.  Desperate, I checked Whole Foods and spotted a big bag of the stuff from Bob’s Red Mill for just under $2.50.  Yet, the label said nothing about non-GMO or organic, so I contacted them.  To my positive discovery, they sent the following response … “All of our products, including our Corn Starch, are non-GMO.” Yes!

Since their product line includes a boatload of baking aids and grains (both wheat-based and gluten-free)  this was awesome to know as a back-up. Just wanted to share in case any of you have faced a similar dilemma.