Homemade Veggie Burgers & Fluffy White Cupcakes

I looove veggie burgers.  Not really the faux meat ones made with soy, but rather the ones that taste like what they are, veggies and grains.  Well, at long last, thanks to the inspirational Chicago Diner recipe from The Non-Dairy Queen, I made my first attempt at homemade veggie burgers.  Though totally grain and veg, they did turn out a bit meaty, and overall excellent in flavor.  I would definitely add a bit more salt and possibly a little crushed red pepper for a kick on the next round though.  We did have some problem with the oat and mushroom base, as it was a bit soft on the inside, I just couldn’t get it to totally set up.  But, really, don’t they look good?


We had no buns, so I improvised with Roti, hence the odd presentation.  I am definitely motivated to continue on the homemade veggie burger path, so you can expect to see more … thanks to the Queen.

Transitioning to dessert, I receive requests quite often for a good dairy-free white cake.  Well, I went for the gusto and attempted to create fluffy white cupcakes that are both dairy-free and egg-free.  The good news is, I succeeded!  Perfect fluffy texture.  But alas, they were still in need of some sweetness.  You may be thinking, just use more sugar.  However, more sugar may weigh down my perfect little cakes … so more experimenation is necessary.  But don’t these look good too?


I am happy to report that both recipes were insanely inexpensive also, using pantry items and fridge items that I readily had on hand (ie mushrooms).  Plus, the cupcakes were so easy to make (this snail paced chef had them in the oven in 15 minutes flat, no joke) that I see no reason to ever pick up a boxed mix!