Two Frugal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ah, how do I love Trader Joe’s, let me count the ways … a side note from food, but it seems that their mini floral department is donning some spectactular rose specials, to help avoid buying the $10 marked up to $50 dozen red roses. 

They have a “14 Stem Rose Spectacular” ~ for $9.99, these are Orange roses for “passion, desire.”


But wait, before you red rose lovers click away with disappointment, they are also offering that traditional one dozen red roses for $16.99.  Really, quite the deal for this time of year.

Of course, if you are as frugal as my family (or perhaps you live no where near a wonderful TJ’s), you do not expect the rose spectacular from your husband, but rather bake up a dessert!  This insanely frugal Strawberry Love Muffin recipe from My Sweet Vegan is too good (and easy) to pass up!  I am either going for this one, or the Chocolate Cherry Truffles in MSV.  Both are just so simple and tasty sounding.  Now, I just need to get my hands on some heart-shaped muffin tins!