Go Bulk for Cheap Holiday Baking

The grocery store ads are riddled with wonderful baking deals for flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and other key ingredients.  But did you know, that while seldom advertised, their bulk equivalents also go on sale during the holiday season?  Be sure to check the prices of both, but more often than not, I find the bulk department to be the hands down winner, and I can purchase as much or as little of any ingredient that I like.  Have a special recipe that only needs 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flour?  Head to the bulk foods, and just get 1/2 cup for your needs.  Do you plow through oats like farmers?  Watch for the sales and buy out the barrel.  

Really, you may be amazed at what foods you can find in bulk foods.  Every town I have lived in has at least one store with a generous bulk foods department that carries everything from brown rice flour to soup mixes.  Which brings me to this week’s find…

Wild Oats is actually having a great sale for anyone who uses whole grains and specialty baking ingredients.  Anywhere from 25 to 40% off on whole grain flours (spelt, brown rice, whole wheat, etc.), organic sugar ($1.25 per lb), and organic or eco-farmed rice (tons of varieties, all from Lundberg).  The flours are from Bob’s Red Mill, so some are also organic.  I stocked up myself on the products that I like to purchase organic (because we use them frequently).  I loaded up on spelt flour (I really do love this stuff), brown rice flour, and splurged a bit on blue cornmeal for recipe I am trialing.  I will probably stop in again for sugar ….

… While it can cost a touch more, I do recommend the switch to organic sugar.  For those who are vegan, this is an obvious easy choice … but … sugar is a leading GMO product these days, so going organic is a very wise move, regardless of your dietary preferences. 

I believe the sale at Wild Oats will last through at least this Wednesday, but possibly next Wednesday (they usually do two week sales), so stop by when you have the chance.  If there is no Wild Oats in your area, check your favorite store with bulk foods, they will likely be having some sales too. 

Happy Thanksgiving!