Regaining Control … sort of

Feeling overwhelmed with to do’s this past week, I finally realized that my surroundings may be the culprit rather than the tasks at hand.  So… I squeezed in some time this weekend to organize a bit.  Starting with the long neglected cupboards and fridge, I got to work (now what to do with the stuff left on the counter?!).  Just a little preface, since I can’t consume any milk products, I really got into baking a few years ago (many bread products contain dairy).  In keeping with my Frugal Food self, I took up shopping in the bulk foods department for flours, sugars, grains, etc.  Hence, the array of labeled tubs:


However, I had a few bulk baggies of grains that had not yet made it into a nicely labeled container.  Feeling like a complete idiot, I have no idea what these grains are now.  I think one is cracked wheat or wheat berries, but really, I am not sure.  Any guesses?  I could use some help here!