Cupcake Cover-up

I have had the honor of previewing the many dessert recipes from the upcoming cookbook, My Sweet Vegan.  Of course, they must be trialed, and with a friend’s birthday approaching I knew some type of cake would be in order.  While I was tempted by the “cheese” cake recipes in the book, we were meeting at a restaurant, so something more transportable was required.  Since my friend is an avid sushi-goer, I lunged at the Wasabi Chocolate Cupcake recipe.

 I had every ingredient on hand, so making them was a snap.  Within 20 minutes the little pools of chocolate were in the oven.  If only I had set it on the right temperature!  Waiting the full 20 minutes before checking, I opened the oven and witnessed a rapid cupcake deflating.  Still several minutes from completion, I took a peak at the guage and discovered that I had set the oven temperature to low!  After turning the heat up, and another five minutes, the cupcakes were done, but not so pretty, considering the recipe called for a drizzling of wasabi glaze, not enough to cover up my concave results.

Thinking quickly, I jumped to another recipe in the cookbook and extracted the vanilla frosting recipe.  Quickly whipping up a small batch, I mounded the frosting into the center, and smoothed it over the top.  For a little extra visual insurance, I sprinkled the top with the mini-chocolate chips from Enjoy Life Foods (insanely allergen-free, even free of soy lecithin).


My husband graciously acted as the taste tester to ensure that they were still gift-worthy (since I was sugared-out from eating every list bit of the frosting, yum!), and he gave them a thumbs up.  As for my friend’s response … “Mmm … good cupcake!”  She just reported back that they also make a good breakfast, lol.

While my friend is completely omnivorous, with no known allergies or intolerances, it seems these vegan (dairy-free, egg-free), nut-free, soy-free (I used rice milk) cupcakes passed the test!  I must agree, they were yummy… past tense of course.

If you do follow the recipe, using the right oven temp, your results should look more like this.