New Toasted Crackers – Free Sample

NabiscoThough I seldom have many good notes to post about the big corp products, some tidbits do occasionally come my way.  Nabisco has launched a new line of “toasted” crackers that seem to measure up well compared to other standard varieties on the market.  They are free of hydrogenated oils, and boast a relatively easy-to-read label (there are some obvious preservatives, colors, and “natural flavors” and such, but the ingredients seem to be well stated).  The main reason I am posting about them though is that they are shipping out free samples.  Head to the Garden Harvest website and enter your address, they will ship some product to you within 4 to 6 weeks.  These do contain wheat, but appear to be vegan (please double check), dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free (definitely call the company to verify if cross-contamination issues are a concern for you or someone you love).  While a haven’t purchased crackers in years myself, as they are rarely a virtuous bunch, I must admit, the flavors are quite intriguing (banana, apple cinnamon, tomato basil, vegetable medley). Warning: the website is obnoxiously loud, and the intro takes a few seconds to skip, so turn that volume down!  If they say “all gone” just hit the website up the next day.  I guess they have a daily quota for free samples.