The Infamous First Post

Hello, it seems the easiest way to start a blog out is with that first “about me” post, however awkward it may be!  
You may have seen me elsewhere on the net, as I founded (and maintain) the informational website, Go Dairy Free.  Born and raised in the northwest (with a milk allergy), I now live with my husband and our loving cat in Las Vegas, close to my family.  While we had only planned to stop in for a month or two to visit before heading east, we both somehow fell in love with the activities of desert living and decided to stick around for at least a little while.  While I don’t miss the rain, I do miss the farmer’s markets and the abundance of fresh summer produce, but you can’t have it all I guess.
Though I do have a whole other site out there, I was really jonesing to write about some things ever so slightly outside of the strict dairy-free realm.  So why frugal foodie?  Both my husband and I are insane value shoppers.  From eating out, to groceries, to entertainment, we really, really can’t stand paying a penny more than we have to.  Every purchase we make is well thought out, weighing the quality of what we are buying quite equally with the price.  We are those mental people who browse in grocery stores for a good hour with ease. Since so many people loathe grocery shopping, I am happy to share my finds!
As this is a food-oriented blog, here are a few of my personal food notes:

  • I do buy organic when it “matters,” but I don’t pay too much for it.
  • I love to eat out, but it has to be worth it.
  • Since my husband seems to have given up cooking (he is an awesome cook), I am now learning to cook.
  • I have always loved to bake, but I am a fledgling cook.  Some of my meals turn out great, and some … well, they’re edible.  All of them still take me waaaay too long to plan and prepare. 
  • I am not the quickest or tidiest cook.  However, I am proud to share my successes, and will gladly share my failures in exchange for some suggestions. 
  • Obviously, I prefer dishes that are easy to cook and have lots of flavor.  Appeal to anyone?
  • We eat an “all-natural” diet.  I purchase very few processed foods.
  • I was born with food allergies, which means “cheap food” is not an option.  Lucky for you  … and me.  No canned raviolis or hydrogenated, calorie-loaded fruit hand pies will be recommended on this site, simply because they are dirt-cheap.  Really, dirt is probably healthier.  
  • My milk allergy persisted into adulthood, so you may notice that I offer notes and recipes suitable to most diets (dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc.), as I love to experiment with whole foods. No worries though, sacrificing taste is not an option, we eat well!

As a foodie side note, while I moved from the northwest many years ago, my “green” roots persist, even here in the desert.  I chastise myself whenever I forget my reusable grocery shopping bags and cringe as they put one or two items into each plastic bag, quickly letting out a not-so-friendly snap.   Like everyone else, I am not perfect, and have my wasteful shortcomings, but I recycle obsessively, and do my best to reduce waste whenever possible.  So, you may come across some food-related, waste-preventing tips or questions here and there on this blog.  I would love to hear your ideas too.  Sound good?
Okay, more than enough about me.  Feel free to say hi, or just stop by occasionally, as I have a pretty good track record with updating websites regularly!