And the Organic HappyBaby Winners are …

Dan and Stephanie!  Congratulations, I will email you both so that you can receive your HappyBaby Free Product Coupons.  For everyone else who wants to get their hands on some organic baby food, HappyBaby products (frozen meals, dry cereals, finger foods, etc.) are available at natural food stores (Whole Foods of course) and select varieties are also available on Amazon.

Now, I realize this giveaway was quite specific, but have no fear … there are some new giveaways on the horizon, which are adult-friendly too! Plus, Ricki over at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs has a chocolate and baked goodies giveaway going on now … but hurry, today is the last day for entry!

Ah yes, and I think there may just be a recipe looming on the horizon for … well, you will just have to check back to see!

Non-GMO Corn Starch … for a Fair Price!

Bob's Red Mill Corn StarchThere are certain dietary things that my husband easily goes along with and there are other things … well, not so much.

No fast food?  Well he is getting better …

The vegan diet? It was a valiant 4-month adventure for him, but in the end, he is more carnivore than herbivore.

No GMO’s?  Well now we have a winner.  This is one area where he not only supports me, but he leads the way in enforcement during our grocery shopping trips (okay, so the once a week fast food may sabotage this just a bit, but I try to cut the guy some slack, we are making progress here!).

Anyway, I was stuck on cornstarch.  Arrowroot powder is expensive in my area (at least $5 a bag on a good day), and for some reason, it just doesn’t always perform as nicely as cornstarch.  But, I only found one brand of cornstarch, labeled as organic, that I could be sure was non-GMO … for over $5 a box!  Oh no.  This would just not do for a kitchen staple.  Desperate, I checked Whole Foods and spotted a big bag of the stuff from Bob’s Red Mill for just under $2.50.  Yet, the label said nothing about non-GMO or organic, so I contacted them.  To my positive discovery, they sent the following response … “All of our products, including our Corn Starch, are non-GMO.” Yes!

Since their product line includes a boatload of baking aids and grains (both wheat-based and gluten-free)  this was awesome to know as a back-up. Just wanted to share in case any of you have faced a similar dilemma.