Valentine’s Giveaway: Gourmet Boxed Chocolates

UPDATE: Comments are now closed – the winners will be announced later today, along with a Valentine’s Chocolate Recipe!

Yes, you read that correctly … this week, we are giving away chocolates from Premium Chocolatiers!  In fact, two winners will receive their special 15-piece Valentine’s Day box of dark and “mik” chocolate hearts …

Premium Chocolatiers Valentine's Chocolate

If you are a follower of, then you probably saw my glowing review of Premium Chocolatiers’ chocolates, which just happen to be made in a dairy-free (vegan) and nut-free facility.  I say “just happen” because these chocolates are incredible, period.  They are generously-sized, decadent, truffle-like chocolates that I had to wrestle from my husband before he polished off the entire box.

Of course, the theme here is Valentine’s Day, which means giving and sharing, so when I had the opportunity to taste test their special occasion chocolates in the neat little 4-piece sample pack shown below, I graciously shared two with my [chocolate-fiend] husband …

Premium Chocolatier's Boxed Chocolates

The Valentine Heart boxes have a combination of dairy-free milk and dark chocolates, which are composed of a thick outer layer of smooth chocolate and a soft and creamy, chocolate ganache filling.  The milk chocolates are rich and sweet, while the dark version has a more “mature” flavor with I believe a hint of liqueur in the filling. The Valentine’s Chocolate Heart Collections are affordably priced, and available in 4-piece, 15-piece, and 30-piece gift boxes.

Now, onto the winning!  To enter:

  • Comment on this post, and tell me your favorite chocolate flavor combination. Whether it’s dark chocolate with mint, milk chocolate with orange liqueur, or the more traditional PB & C, inquiring chocoholics want to know!
  • To enter twice, mention and link to this giveaway post on your blog and/or website, and you will automatically receive another chance to win!

The two winners will be selected on Sunday, February 8th, so get your comment entries in before noon (EST) on Sunday for your chance to win.  Okay, tell us your favorite chocolate-flavor combo now …

And the Organic HappyBaby Winners are …

Dan and Stephanie!  Congratulations, I will email you both so that you can receive your HappyBaby Free Product Coupons.  For everyone else who wants to get their hands on some organic baby food, HappyBaby products (frozen meals, dry cereals, finger foods, etc.) are available at natural food stores (Whole Foods of course) and select varieties are also available on Amazon.

Now, I realize this giveaway was quite specific, but have no fear … there are some new giveaways on the horizon, which are adult-friendly too! Plus, Ricki over at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs has a chocolate and baked goodies giveaway going on now … but hurry, today is the last day for entry!

Ah yes, and I think there may just be a recipe looming on the horizon for … well, you will just have to check back to see!

Product Giveaway: Organic Baby Food for HappyBellies!

HappyBabyThis week’s giveaway is for all you “new” moms out there … HappyBaby is offering a package of eight free trial coupons too two lucky winners.  Each winner will receive 2 coupons for each of the following product lines (8 free trial coupons in total): HappyBaby Frozen Organic Meals, HappyBellies Organic Dry Cereals, HappyBaby Organic Puffs, and HappyBites Finger Food.  They will also send along an Infant and toddler Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Sears, an FAQ on Probiotics & DHA, and HappyFamily Recipes.

To Enter: Leave a comment below (on this post) and tell us your baby’s favorite flavor of baby food (or say, your sister’s baby if that’s who you’re entering for).  This is important … inquiring minds want to know!

Typically, I sample products myself before we offer them for giveaway, but since my only “child” is a cat, and these products looked pretty awesome, I thought we would go for it.  Of special note, all HappyBaby products are organic with 100% natural ingredients. And, for all those special diet babies out there (you know who you are), HappyBaby is listening:

  • HAPPYBABY Frozen Meals … most are produced in a nut-free facility, most are gluten- and wheat-free, and all are made without dairy and without soy … but they are made with fresh frozen fruits, vegetables, grains and meats.
  • HAPPYBELLIES Organic Dry Cereals … do not contain soy or dairy, but they do have probiotic protection and DHA.
  • HAPPYBABY PUFFS … are brand new little finger snacks, that are made with organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits.  These little gems are made without dairy, and I believe they may be free-from a few other major allergens, but this is a brand new product, so I will have to look into it. 
  • HAPPYBITES finger foods … contain hidden veggies and dipping sauces, and some flavors do contain cheese.   

HappyBaby products are sold in grocers throughout the U.S. and select items are also now available on Amazon.  Oh yes, since these products are still in the U.S. only, this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents, but there will be more in the future for those of you in other countries!

HappyBaby Baby Food

Now go ahead and leave a comment below (don’t forget that favorite flavor); the winners will be announced on Friday, January 30th!

Divvies Winners …

Wow, what a great response! There were a few late entries, and I had to push the drawing back one day as I lost internet access (sorry about that!) but I have at last selected the winners for the Divvies giveaway!  Out of 305 comments, using the integer generator, I chose two comments

Santa’s S’morg Winner: Comment #152 – j. cro – “My office is in the Chelsea Market building in NYC and on the ground floor is a restaurant called The Green Table and it’s connected to The Cleaver Company Caterers – they’re supporters of local and organic food… They used to sell this popcorn that was dusted with cocoa powder and it was DIVINE!!! They don’t have their little retail shop any longer, so I can’t get the popcorn, but that was probably my favorite of all time.”

Team Popcorn Winner: Comment #199 – Christina – “Mmmm, sounds delicious! I love all kinds of popcorn, but I’ll pick caramel.”

Congratulations!  And, even if you didn’t win, stay tuned as more foodie giveaways will continue here on One Frugal Foodie, along with recipes, and a popcorn recipe post to come (I am dying to trial out the peanut butter popcorn that several of you suggested)!

Comment to Win Gourmet Sweets from Divvies!

Yes, the spirit of giving is alive and well!  This week Divvies is offering a gift package to two of you!  Simply leave a comment below and tell us your favorite type of popcorn … caramel, candied, kettle, chocolate, “buttered,” cheesy, or simply salted … however you like it just share and you will be entered to win!  

Now you might be wondering, “What will I win?”  Well, Divvies is well known for their gourmet gift packages, so they will be offering up two of these seasonal packages as prizes! The first is their Santa’s S’morg, a sampling smorgasbord of bakery cookies, candy and gourmet popcorns loaded into a large Divvies gift box … and, it looks something (exactly) like this …

Santas Smorg from Divvies

The second prize is Divvies’ Team Popcorn, a delicious package of gourmet popcorn, complete with stripe circus bags and a paper scoop for sharing with the whole group. An image would be helpful, no? 

Of course, the real thing is much larger, these images aren’t even close to scale!

Also, If you are on a special diet or have food allergies, have no fear.  Divvies runs a food allergy-friendly facility that is free from dairy/milk, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts, and is consequently vegan.

I’m looking forward to hearing your responses, and may just have to follow-up with a recipe or two of your popcorn favorites! The two winners will be announced on Friday, December 12th (2008), so reply now!