Addictive Chocolate Granola Bar Treats

Posted by on March 6, 2012 | 4 Comments

Today, you’re going to love me and you’re going to hate me.

I’m sharing my recipe for what we call “Chocolate Crack Bars.”

Easy Healthy Recipe: Dairy-Free Double Chocolate Granola Bars

See, look what they do to the gnome! Everyone gets excited when I pop these out of the freezer, which is far too often since they literally take minutes to make.

The recipe is being featured on Attune Foods today, so “crack bars” seemed slightly inappropriate for the title. You will find them labeled as Addictive Double Chocolate Granola Bars.

Go, check out the recipe here!


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  1. Well, I must say, these look delicious and I make my own granola, so I have all the fixings. But yes, it looks like it would be a love/hate relationship with these treats. =) I’m going to save this recipe for when I have a crowd over here so I don’t eat them all myself. Another nice thing (or not) is that the recipe sounds SO easy. It’s a “keeper” recipe, that’s for sure!
    PS Love the gnome!

  2. Oooh yummy! I love Attune products.. (and the recipes you create from them!)

  3. Ha! Love the name! I can’t wait to make this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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