Winners and Mocha Fudge Energy Bites

Did you enjoy the holidays?

My husband and I don’t usually exchange gifts during the holidays, so this year, I felt like a little kid again with all of the wonderful surprises! Tony outdid himself in deal-finding (hello, awesome new, more powerful netbook for just $200!!), my in-laws as usual were so generous (love the new powder blue ski coat!), and I even received a cool, and completely unexpected gift basket of treats in the mail ….

A Starbuck's Christmas

Is it just me, or does Starbuck’s always make the coolest coffee accessories? (I’m sitting here right now sipping tea from my favorite Starbucks jumbo “world” mug that I bought years ago). That, above, is a ceramic travel mug – so, so awesome! Oh, and that StellaMare soy candle is heaven on earth. Seriously, I’m not a fan of most scented candles and nearly keel over whenever walking by those candle and bath shops, but StellaMare is now on my Pinterest loves (yes, I even created a new board just to have a place to pin those candles!).

So as some of you know, I adore tea (understatement of the year), but coffee and I are practically strangers. That said, I’ve been wanting to trial coffee in recipes, and the VIA instant coffee that they sent seemed like the perfect excuse. I love the individual packets, as I can use a small amount in recipes and the rest stays fresh! Anyway, I whipped up these amazing, caffeine-infused nibbles …

Mocha Fudge Energy Bites

Mocha Fudge Energy Bites - Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

See the recipe here.

Take a look, do you see what I did? I actually “themed” them with coconut and pistachios for a wintery, holiday vibe. Yes, the girl who typically can’t take 2 seconds to style the food or even think about making it look seasonal. I know, this isn’t huge … but baby steps. Are you proud of me?

But back to those fudge bites, which are delicious! A touch strong in coffee for me … just a touch, so I left the amount in the recipe as is, but I might use a little less next time for my own tastes since the flavor of coffee is still a bit potent for my timid taste buds. But I need more ideas!

Do you have any recipe ideas or loves that use [a small amount of] coffee? (again, baby steps)

Also, the Home for the Holidays – Gluten-Free Event has come to a close. See the ginormous list of winners here.

5 thoughts on “Winners and Mocha Fudge Energy Bites

  1. yummy bites!

    and congrats to all those winners!

  2. Glad you had such a nice Christmas, Alisa! Yay! And kudos to hubby for finding such a deal on the Netbook! 🙂

    The recipe sounds delish. And wow, am I ever proud of you for the styling (ha ha!!). 😀 Your photos always look great, anyway.

    Oh, and I’d love to register for the new GDF comments–is there a button I missed? Or is it still in process?

  3. Pistachios and coffee, two of my favourite things! Thank you, Alisa. And Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  4. You know I love coffee, but I love COFFEE, so I don’t have any “little bit of coffee” recipes. Actually, the chocolate chip coffee cookies I posted this summer might be good for you – just add in a little less than I have written down.

    I got so much coffee for presents too! My family knows me so well. 😀

  5. Happy New Year, Alisa!!! I am so glad you had some nice surprises!

    Those fudge bits look awesome. I love pistachios!

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