Chili with a Chocolate Kick

Posted by on November 29, 2011 | 8 Comments

tasteandcreatelogoI decided to join in for one last hoorah on Taste & Create and was paired up with Kat of the blog Study Food. She’s a relatively new food blogger, which made narrowing down options easier! I ended up going with her Chilli Con Sausage recipe, which was inspired by a Nigella recipe.

I picked this recipe because I’ve always wondered about cocoa in chili. It is a “spice” that I’ve never used before and thought it might be great for making a more full-bodied flavor.

I used a hot sausage, so I skipped the jalapeno and used juste chili powder for a little more heat. We like our chili lightly spicy. A very bad inedible chili experience keeps me timid with the spices these days. I also used all tomato puree plus a little honey instead of tomato puree and ketchup.

For some reason (the weather perhaps?) I’ve been craving richer foods, and though the cocoa powder added to the flavor, I wanted a little more … so I added a chunk of dark chocolate too. Melted that in, and it worked great!

We served it with tortilla chips (no rice) and diced avocado. I forgoed the spoon, since it was nice and thick, and used the tortilla chips for scooping instead …

Chili con Sausage


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  1. a chunk of dark chocolate or cocoa powder in chili is something ive always wanted to try. yum!

  2. I keep meaning to venture into the cocoa-laced chili realm but haven’t quite gotten there yet! 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I, too, have been meaning to make a cocoa/chocolate infused chilli for such a long time! Wish we had good tortilla chips here 🙂

  4. Holy mole (hehe), girlfriend! This sounds divine. 🙂 I love that it’s thick enough to use chips to eat it. 😉 And with avocado topping? Must make this recipe, Alisa.


  5. Katie says:

    I tried the cocoa in chili thing last fall and I’ve never made it without chocolate since then. You can’t even really taste the chocolate, but you can taste “something”.

  6. I love chocolate in chili. I won’t cook it any other way. So glad you tried it and liked it. Dark chocolate gives you all the good parts.

  7. Okay. I have never made my chili with chocolate. But now that will be what I am doing from now on. Yum! Maybe my kids will eat more of it knowing that it is chocolate infused. LOL

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