Giveaway: Stonehouse 27 Exotic Indian Cooking Sauces and Lundberg Brown Rice

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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Lexie of Lexie’s Kitchen, she won a gift package from Stonehouse 27 and Lundberg!

Congrats to Jsv888, who responded, “I would love to try the unsweetened almond milk in my latte and on my sons oatmeal since we are both dairy free!” to the Earth’s Own + Whole Foods Giveaway. She is the winner! Now onto the next giveaway …

I know, it’s like giveaway central around here lately! I’ll have a killer recipe coming soon, but first … I received a fun challenge from Stonehouse 27 and Lundberg Family Farms, involving a review, a recipe, and a giveaway for readers. It wasn’t something I could pass up. For my part, I was required to pick one sauce, one Lundberg Heat n Serve Rice Bowl,  and add just three more ingredients to make a meal. Easy enough …

First, those extremely bold Stonehouse 27 sauces come in six varieties, so an initial selection had to be made. Alas, you would think (or at least hope) that sauces called Cashews & Cream would be thickened with cashew crème, but no such luck. I’ll have to work on making those two sauces dairy-free at home. Regardless, with four amazing flavors to choose from, I decided to whip up a gluten-free and dairy-free recipe with the Dates & Tamarind sauce. The label said that it goes well with two ingredients that I had on hand, pork and bell peppers (note: the dairy-free sauces are vegan, so you can easily enjoy them with just vegetables and/or tofu for a vegetarian meal).

Before adding the sauce I gave it a quick taste test, and boy was I glad I did! This stuff is SPICY! At that moment I decided to make my fifth ingredient coconut milk – something to tame the heat a touch and add a little richness to the final dish …

Stonehouse 57 Tamarind & Dates Sauce over Lundberg Brown Rice

Recipe: Creamy Tamarind & Date Pork and Bell Peppers over Brown Rice


  • 1/2 Cup Stonehouse 27 Tamarind & Dates Sauce
  • 1/2 Cup Canned Coconut Milk (full fat / regular)
  • 1 Large Sweet Bell Pepper, sliced
  • 6 to 8 Ounces Lean Pork or Chicken Breast, trimmed of excess fat cut into 1/2-inch cubes (can sub an equivalent amount of cubed extra-firm tofu for vegan or vegetarian)
  • 1 Lundberg Organic Heat & Eat Brown Rice Bowl


  1. Toss the sauce, coconut milk, peppers and meat in a saucepan.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and allow to simmer until the meat is cooked through (mine took about 10 minutes).
  3. When the sauce is almost done, heat up the rice in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  4. Divide the rice between to large bowls and top with the sauce.


If they would have allowed 6 ingredients, my final addition would have been pumpkin puree. I swirled some into leftovers, with a wee bit of salt, and it upped the flavor to a new level. For vegan or vegetarian, use tofu.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Cooking time: 10 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 2

Copyright © Alisa Fleming.


A full review will be on its way on Go Dairy Free! But for now, lets get to that giveaway …

Giveaway Prize: A Gift Pack to include Five Stonehouse 27 Exotic Indian Cooking Sauces (winner picks!) and all Three Lundberg Organic Heat ‘n Eat Brown Rice Bowls ($40 value in total!)

To Enter: Comment below and tell me what 5 Sauces you would select (you can get more than one of a single flavor if you wish!) and if you can think of one, what 5-minute recipe you would make first with one of these sauces!

For More Info: Stonehouse 27 Website, Lundberg Website, Stonehouse 27 on Facebook, Lundberg on Facebook

This giveaway will be open through Monday,  November 7, 2011. Enter now! …


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Comments (42)


  1. Amanda D says:

    All 4 of the vegan sauces of course! and the spicy cashews and cream sounds like a perfect surprise for my vegetarian friend who loves everything super spicy. I have never had tamarind before, but I have heard all about it!
    My 5 minute recipe would be a quick stir fry with the tamarind and garlic sauce served over some rice and quinoa. Maybe because use that is what I am craving for lunch right now. mmmmmm.

  2. Evan Thomas says:

    I would get two dates and tamarind, two tomato and chilies, and a tamarind and garlic

  3. Each of the five sauces looks fantastic. I’d have a hard time picking and would opt for one of each. I’d live to try them over a simple stir fry of veggies and tofu. I bet it would elevate these simple ingredients to nirvana!!!

  4. That cilantro and coconut sure sounds yummy and the photo of a tortilla filled with goodies would be a fast filling meal. The tomato and chilies and the tamarind and garlic sound good, too. I can see my college-aged kids whipping up a quick meal for themselves with the sauces, some veggies and tofu or chicken and the rice.

  5. Carolina says:

    My choices would all be vegan, as we are vegan. I’ve never tried this brand of sauce since we cook mostly from scratch. However, with both of us working more than full time, I think we’re definitely open to trying these. I’d opt for dates & tamarind (2), tamarind & garlic (2), and cilantro & coconut (1) sauces. Many of the meals we cook are Indian so all of these would be very welcome. I like the idea of using the date and tamarind sauce, in particular, as the key ingredient for a glazed tempeh dish with basmati and roasted green beans on the side, adding in some rough-chopped bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes toward the end, then cilantro to finish.

  6. Dana Gonzalez says:

    I would love to try 1 of each of the sauces. I am new to healthy eating and need all the help I can get! I dont ever want to go back to eating the way I did before and would love to explore all new flavors and ideas that come along with my “new life” .

  7. Sea says:

    They all sound great! The only one I wouldn’t like to try would be the tamarind and garlic because garlic bothers my stomach. The cashew ones sound great, and coconut cilantro sounds great too. Yum!

    Pick me pick me! J/k.. but I would love to win this giveaway because the sauces sound right up my alley. Yum!


  8. anna says:

    YUM!! I would have to try one of each of the vegan sauces (as I’m dairy-free), and would want an additional Tamarind & Dates one to add my own pureed cashew meat (thereby trying my own “cashew cream” sauce!!) Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

  9. These all look delicious! I’d love to try out each of the vegan sauces and spice up the chicken dishes I’ve been making lately. And that tamarind and date sauce sounds like a very easy way to make a cool curry-like dish. (I keep trying to make a good curry and I keep failing. I know they’re supposed to be practically idiot-proof, but…)

    🙂 Fingers crossed!

  10. Hannah says:

    I’m guessing this is just US-based, but I want to answer anyway, for funsies 🙂 I’d make a tofu scramble with the sauce and lots of extra spices and chilli 😀

  11. Jessica says:

    All of the vegan sauces! Indian cooking is my specialty but sometimes my day is too full to spend the time I want in the kitchen, these sauces would be great for those days allowing a tasty meal in less time. I would go with a lentil, squash, carrot and onion stir-fry with the tamarind and garlic sauce. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Lisa says:

    I’d choose two dates & tamarind,one tamarind & garlic, and two cilantro & coconut sauces. I would use the sauces for pan glazed tempeh served with veggies and wild rice.

  13. Nora Fernandez says:

    Wow! What amazing flavor combinations. I love Indian cooking and as a Holistic Health Coach, I follow the principles of Ayurvedic eating. This would be a wonderful opportunity to create some flavorful dishes to add fun and adventure to the standard ho hum stuff that I typically cook.

    I would want to try them all. My first recipe would be to cook up some tilapia or cod with multi colored peppers and onions with the cilantro and coconut. This would go soooo well with the rice.
    I want to try it so I hope that I win! Thank you for providing the opportunity.

  14. MoJiHu says:

    I would use the Tomato and chilies x2, Dates and Tamarind, Tamarind and Garlic and Cilantro Coconut sauces.
    I’d most likely make a Spicy Tofu Chilaquiles dish with the Tomato and Chilies sauce. I’d spritz four corn tortillas with olive oil, julienne, spread them out on a cookie sheet and bake at 400F until crisp. Meanwhile I would brown about 2 cups of firm tofu cubes in a bit of oil, throw in some sliced mushrooms, and the Tomato and Chilies sauce. Let it come to a simmer and fold in the crisped tortilla strips. Sprinkle on some soy cheese and serve.

  15. I would choose 2 date + tamarind, 2 tomato chiles, 1 tamarind garlic 🙂

    I would make a kale and cashew bowl with ANY of these sauces!

  16. I’d definitely like to try one of each, Alisa. And that dish you made looks incredible! I’d probably make a chicken and rice dish with one of the sauces, too. That’s one of our favorite comfort food dishes and I often have cooked rice and some cooked chicken in the freezer ready for just this kind of concoction. 🙂


  17. Tamarind and dates sound wonderful. Although I must add that cilantro and coconut are favorite flavors of mine as well. I’ve had those Lundberg heat and serve rice bowls before. Packed in my luggage. =) Good stuff.
    PS That photo is gorgeous!

  18. bebe says:

    oh what a great find, i have never heard of these sauces but they all look delicious! i would want tamarind and garlic, cilantro and coconut and tomato and chilies. i would prob make a dish with chicken, broccoli rice and one of the sauces. I love that they are vegan som my dairy free kiddo would be safe to try. Hope i win!!!

  19. Katie says:

    THey all look good, but the tamarind and garlic, tamarind and dates, cilantro and coconut (if it isn’t too coconutty) and the tomato and chiles are calling to me. The cashew sauces can be a bit rich for me.

  20. Bethany S. says:

    I would get one each of the 4 dairy-free sauces, but Stonehouse 27’s Cilantro & Coconut sounds the best to me; I would use it to put an Indian twist on chicken tacos.

  21. Nowheymama says:

    I don’t usually like cilantro, either, but I’m intrigued by that sauce. I’d try all of the dairy-free ones, and maybe make a crockpot chicken recipe with the coconut cilantro sauce.

  22. Cindy says:

    those all sounds so tasty! I would try one of each (I guess I would leave out tomato and chiles to select only five.) I might try to work one of the cashew sauces into a saag paneer type dish The tamirind and garlic would be used in a pad thai like dish with shrimp, tofu and lots of bean sprouts.

  23. Kathleen Conner says:

    I’d want:
    Tamarind & Garlic (1)
    Cashews & Cream with chilies and a touch of lemon (2)
    Cashews & Cream with sweet paprika and sesame (2).

    The cashew varieties sound so interesting! I think that they would go great with chicken over thin rice noodles. (Maybe add a veggie like bok choy, or sitr-fried cucumber?) Yum…

  24. I have tried all five except the spicy cashew cream and love them all! I would probably take the first four and then the spicy one to try it out! 🙂

  25. domestic diva says:

    I’d like to try the spicy cashew cream.

  26. Cilantro and coconut, dates and tamarind, tomato and chilies, tamarind and garlic, and a mystery one! Those sound amazing!

    For a quick recipe, I’d just pour them over veggies, quinoa, salad, or any meat! Man it sounds delicious.

  27. Cara says:

    Wow, what intriguing flavors! I would choose Tomato & Chili, Cilantro & Coconut, Dates & Tamarind, Spicy Cashews and Cream… and maybe another Tomato & Chili, I love that there’s cinnamon in there!

  28. Claire says:

    The ones I’d like are:
    Tamarind & Garlic
    with creamy coconut and cumin, both of the Cashews & Cream, Tomato & Chili, and DAtes & Tamarind.

  29. Venessa says:

    Wow! These sauces sound delicious. I would like to try (1)-Tamarind & Garlic, (1)- Tomato & Chilis, (1)- Cashew & Cream, and (2)- Cilantro & Coconut. (I love cilantro!)

    As for a quick 5 min. recipe, I would do an old standby which is- 1 Can Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), 1 small bag spinach (pre-washed) and 1 can diced tomatoes, then 1 jar of any curry type sauce. Serve over pre-cooked Brown Rice. Yum! Thanks so much for this giveaway! 🙂

  30. I’d select Cilantro and Coconut, Tomato and Chilis, both kinds of Cashew and Cream, and Dates + Tamarind.

    All of them sound amazing though 🙂

    For a 5-minute recipe, I would toss in some pre-cooked quinoa for protein!

  31. Kathie says:

    I would love to try each of the 4 Vegan sauces with 2 of the Tamarind & Garlic since. Great that they are all low sodium too.

    For a quick recipe I would toss the Tamarind & Garlic with some pasta, sauteed chicken and vegetables. Can’t wait to try it.

  32. lilianna Moon says:

    Definitely would pick: Cilantro and Coconut; Spicy Cashew and Cream;Tamarind And Garlic; Tomatoes and Chilies; and Dates and Tamarind. I would probably try to make some braised chicken thighs with a brown rice side.

  33. Rena. Ash says:

    They all sound great, but since our house LOVES, Clilantro, would have to pick the Cilantro and Coconut! YUM!

  34. heidi says:

    I would love to try the 4 vegan sauces amd I’d probably double up on the garlic & tamarind. YUM!

  35. Diana Gervits says:

    Dates & tamarind, tamarind & garlic, and cilantro & coconut sauces. I love tamarind!

  36. Omer says:

    All of the vegan sauces of course! I will probably fry up some tofu and mix with the sauce, served on pre cooked brown rice.

  37. Lori says:

    All of those sauces sound great. I would choose one of each except for the Cashews and Cream. I think they would be great mixed into quinoa and various vegetables. What a quick meal!

  38. Lexie says:

    Tamarind & Garlic and Cilantro & Coconut would be my picks! And any others you’d want to throw in : )

    These would really spice up my world!

  39. Bethy says:

    I would pick Tamarind & Garlic x2, Cilantro & Coconut, Dates & Tamarind, and Tomato & Chilies. 🙂 The Tamarind & Garlic with chick peas and brown rice sounds like a delicious and quick meal….now I’m getting hungry! Love your site and recipes–so thankful for such a great dairy-free resource. I’m relatively new to dairy free living and you’ve been a life-saver!

  40. I’d get the four vegan ones (and an extra tamarind and garlic one! because it sounds too delicious). All the sauces seem so perfect for an easy dinner after a late day at work!

  41. John Billiris says:

    I’d choose 2 each of the different cashews-blends, and maybe the Tamarind & Garlic as my fifth.

    I think they sound great with tofu, cauliflower, and maybe sliced carrots?

  42. Donna B. says:

    I would get:

    Cashews & Cream with sweet paprika and sesame

    Cashews & Cream with chilies and a touch of lemon

    Dates & Tamarind with roasted chilies and garlic

    Tomato & Chilies with cinnamon and agave nectar

    and Cilantro & Coconut with a hint of lemon and ginger

    I do a lot of sauteed chicken breasts over noodles or rice (leftover during the week), and these sauces would be perfect for that I think.

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