Two Words: Chocolate Granola

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I received some sad news at Attune Foods last month. Their chocolate probiotic granola is being discontinued. Since it has a loyal following, they requested that I come up with a chocolate granola recipe to help ease the blow. You can imagine how that elaborate conversation went … something like:

Attune: “Next month, could you make a chocolate granola re …”

Me: “Hells yeah!”

Okay, I didn’t really respond like that, but that’s what was going through my head. And I really have no idea what else was mentioned beyond that first half sentence. The words chocolate and granola were uttered, and I was in the kitchen within about, um, 30 seconds.

The resultant recipe has already been tested by me, my husband, our neighbor, our neighbor’s entire office, and an Attune chocolate granola customer. The verdict? Awesome. And that is me being modest about it.

I kept the recipe simple, vegan, and nut-free, so that it is school-friendly, allergy-friendly, and you can customize to add in any nuts or seeds if desired. I also like that it has a crispier crunch than your average granola.

You want the recipe you say? Here it is: Chocolate Dairy-Free Granola

If you like it, have any questions, or suggestions, please leave a comment on that post. I will be checking them!

Chocolate Granola - Nut-Free, Vegan, optionally Soy-Free