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I’m a reusable tote fanatic. I have dozens of them, even a beautiful one handmade by the lovely Katie, and I take them everywhere. Perhaps it was my upbringing in the crunchy northwest, but I actually get disappointed in myself when I don’t have one with me and have to choose between paper or plastic. So when I did a guest post for I’m Organic, and went to check out their website, I was in heaven … environmentally-friendly Tote Bags and Organic Lunch Bags with a variety of cute images.

Like this one …

and this one …

Now, with my odd obsession on the table, one would think that I would pick a tote bag when the owners of I’m Organic kindly offered me any item for free from their store. But I got distracted by all of the other earth-friendly goodies on their site … Tees in a Tote, Cards, and, hmm … Eco Travel Mugs – now what in the heck are those?

Like totes, I prefer to save the extra packaging and travel with a mug since I’m a tea-aholic (yes, I have quite a few strange addictions), but both sets of our travel mugs bit the dust in recent months. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the I’m Organic Mugs to be worth the price, but I had to try them. I mean, $15 isn’t a bad price for a good quality travel mug, but when I read that they were made with 100% USA corn plastic, I was imagining a thin shell that would easily melt or warp. But instead, what I received was …

The BEST Travel Mugs I Have Ever Seen or Owned!!!

Oops, sorry, I didn’t dry them off very well for the photo! Anyway, the ladybug is mine, and the more masculine green is Tony’s.

I’m not exaggerating. Trust me. These mugs are thick, thick, thick, very durable, cute, and have a nice simple sip lid that even I can keep from making a mess with. Since when did ‘eco’ start standing for the best quality ever? Seriously, if I somehow manage to destroy these hulks of the travel mug world, I will definitely be back on the I’m Organic website to repurchase.

Naturally, since I loved their products so much, I asked if I could do a giveaway! They were all in, so enter today …

Check out the I’m Organic website, and comment below telling me which product you would like to win.

That’s it! I’ll be picking a winner on Tuesday, so go peruse their awesome eco-offerings, and comment now!


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  1. Ashley says:

    I would love a travel mug!! 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    I would love a travel mug!

  3. bebe says:

    i want to win the “it’s ecoLogical” Green shirt

  4. I would love the Kiss Me, I’m Organic travel mug. I like purple!

  5. I can’t have dairy or gluten due to IBS. I have tried to live as raw as possible because it just makes sence.

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