These Chocolate Chips are not for the Bears

Posted by on November 19, 2010 | 20 Comments

I could use some of your creative brain power. I need to make a few recipes with these …

They are awesome (I will be writing about them soon), but my ideas are running up short. What recipes might you like to see me make with these chocolate chips? Though chocolate chip cookies are my all time favorite dessert, that is probably a bit too ordinary of a concept. I need something somewhat seasonal, something that uses easy to find ingredients. I will be making the recipe dairy-free, so an old idea made new is a possibility too. Any ideas?

Not to steal Katie’s weather thunder, but oh my goodness …

Guess who’s going to be baking cookies (hopefully chocolate chip filled ones!) and drinking hot tea (INDOORS) for the next three days. My eyes went first to the snow (and, um that “white out” picture was a new one for me – looks like excellent driving conditions), but then I spotted the temperatures. A HIGH of 21 degrees in November? Get out the thermals and the warm fuzzy blankets, crank up the oven, and find those slippers, Alisa is officially going into early season hibernation.

Just like I hope this mama and teenage baby are doing right now …

They were in our backyard last week having a snooze pretty well all day.  This photo was taken from the other side of our sliding glass door … we aren’t insane  you know! The little guy was actually snoozing and rolling around back there for several hours without a care in the world. Mama joined him later for some chill time.

Our photos of mama when she was moving didn’t come out so well, but you can see a little more of her cute face here …

She is HUGE! Seriously, the picture doesn’t tell. Her little one was about the size of me (but probably double the weight), but she was gosh, I don’t know, at least 400 to 500 lbs or so. Not as big as the 700 lb bear vandal that likes to break into garages and churches and steal peanut butter (seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up!), but pretty big. Mama was tagged already, so here’s hoping they are back in the mountains now.


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