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You might not guess it to look at my many chocolate (and usually peanut butter) inspired posts, but I’m a vanilla girl. I didn’t even like chocolate until some strange metamorphosis happened in my late twenties. But, even as much as I have grown to adore (large) squares of dark chocolate, vanilla is still my first love.

And though the temperature may be dipping its toes below freezing, cool-weather desserts (pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie … need I say more?) just aren’t complete without a nice big scoop, or three, or vanilla ice cream (yes, shakes and ice cream – I was a summer dessert crazy lady this past week! I just can’t let go). Perhaps I should be making my own … but, that small and ill-designed freezer I am currently living with has not an inch for our ice cream maker. Not to mention, they keep putting the darn stuff on sale at our local grocer making it impossible for me to not put a pint, or three, in our cart.

I recently confessed our guilty love for a certain cheap brand … yes, for us it’s taste and texture, however processed, still kicked the pants off of store-bought coconut milk ice cream. But fortunately, I think I have found an equally suitable alternative with slightly more virtuous ingredients. And the blessing in disguise part is that it costs more money … so I’m not as likely to buy a pint, or three, of it every week.

Truth be told, I was actually hesitant to buy this brand of vanilla. While we loved the Tempt Chocolate Fudge, as it turned out the Mint Chip just wasn’t quite right. It was a touch icy, very (very) minty, and the overall flavor just did melt nicely onto our taste buds. Since I sensed a vanilla base in the Mint Chip version, I feared that the vanilla would fall to the same fate.

Fortunately, Tempt Vanilla Ice Cream is smooth, creamy, and incredibly rich with vanilla. Even after suffering a drastic melt and refreeze, there were no ice crystals, no chunkies … mind you it was hard-packed, and I nearly needed an ice pick to pry some loose, but it still melted like a creamy dream on my tongue. And it was delicious! At least in my opinion. The flavor, not unlike Tofutti, is certainly different from traditional dairy ice cream, but rich and tasty in its own right.

This entire pint serviced a big batch of chunky apple crisp that I made to use up some nearly expired granny smiths. Sorry, no recipe for this particular crisp, it was a throw together. But, I won’t leave you hanging. Try these …

I also sampled the Coffee Biscotti flavor, but it is strictly for coffee fans. I really do not like the taste of coffee (yep, seriously), but some of those mocha-ish “ice creams” that are labeled as coffee make the grade. This wasn’t a mocha-flavor, it was a true coffee flavor with cookie-like chocolate chunks throughout. Perfect for all of you recovering Starbucks-aholics, but not for these herbal tea taste buds.

The only other current flavor of Tempt is Coconut Lime – but I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy it. I love coconut, but am seriously on burn-out from the very concept of coconut ice cream!

To note, taste-wise, I’m not a fan of agave nectar and neither is my husband, which could be one of the reasons the coconut milk ice cream isn’t our cup of tea (all major brands seem to be sweetened with agave). Tempt is sweetened with organic sugar. This to me, just fits better.

Have you tried any dairy-free ice cream? Any raves or rants?


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  1. YUM!!! Apple Crisp is one of my FAVORITE desserts…warm with vanilla “ice cream” totally heaven!!

    I LOVE coconut ice cream. Haven’t tried the Tempt products yet, but I need to try that vanilla. I am with you, I am totally a vanilla girl. I don’t really like chocolate ice cream. I mean, I like chocolate..but prefer vanilla 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I had the same impression- The mint chip was somewhat disappointing, but that vanilla is out of this world! For the best flavor, you really do need to let it sit and warm up a little before serving though. When it’s frozen so solid, it simply freezes your taste buds and makes it harder to discern subtle nuances, such as a delicate vanilla essence.

  3. Katie says:

    I don’t like agave either. I thought I was the only one. This is a great review of this ice cream. I keep wanting to try it but it is SO expensive!

    I’m a vanilla girl too, surprisingly.

  4. No rants or raves from me. But I like the sounds of a coconut and lime one. …and sugar does fit better. Vanilla, Love it!

  5. Erica says:

    I love crisps and crumbles…they may be my favorite dessert (next to frozen yogurt). I am a vanilla girl too- chocolate has just never gotten me all that excited. I haven’t tried any of the non-dairy ice creams, but I do love Almond milk.

  6. Edie says:

    That apple crisp looks so delicious! I have tasted Tempt ice cream, and the coconut-lime flavor is the only one I really liked. But I can’t rave enough about Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. To me, it’s just this side of heaven. I guess I can’t get burnt out on coconut! 🙂

  7. Maggie says:

    I’ve tried a couple of brands – So Delicious and Coconut Bliss. I prefer the Coconut Bliss. But really homemade is the bestest! And now I am totally craving crisp and ice cream. Thanks Alisa 🙂

  8. Beth S. says:

    My favorite dairy-free ice cream was Temptation by Chicaco Soydairy. I say “was” because they don’t make it anymore, which is really disappointing since it tasted like “real” ice cream and was the only dairy-free ice cream without chicory (which can wreak havoc on your GI system, btw) that I could find. So, I make my own now.
    My sons love the Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. I’ve tried a bite, and it is really good!

  9. Hannah says:

    I completely get where you’re coming from! Despite my obsession with chocolate in bar form, I’m generally not interested in chocolate-flavoured things, and much prefer other flavours of ice cream.

    ‘Course, this post is just MEAN, because here in Canberra I have access to one kind of soy ice cream (no coconut at all), which comes in vanilla or chocolate. So boring!

  10. I will tell you two important facts about me. One, I do not particularly like chocolate much…especially as a star ingredient in a recipe. And two, i do not like ice cream much…really. I will occasionally eat sorbet, and I will make ice cream for my hubby and the boys, but I just do not crave a big scoop for myself. That probably classifies me as weird! LOL

  11. Marianne says:

    I actually quite like coconut milk ice creams, but I’m a bit of a coconut fiend, so I guess it’s to be expected. They definitely aren’t the same as dairy ice creams, but I look at them as different entities, and enjoy both 🙂

    I don’t think Tempt is here in Canada, but would like to give it a go one day.

  12. alisa says:

    Beth – I heard that Temptation brand from Chicago Soy Dairy was great; it is just too bad the distribution never caught on. They are supplying to restaurants though still.

  13. Joanne says:

    I’m a vanilla girl also. Chocolate just doesn’t quite do it for me. never has and probably never will. Oh well. I haven’t tried tempt yet but now I’ll have to give it a go!

  14. I LOVE coconut milk ice cream. It’s so smooth and creamy. However, in some flavors, the coconut flavor is too much. Like mint chocolate chip with a coconut milk base? Too much coconut for me. But the chocolate flavor with a coconut milk base is TO DIE for. 🙂

  15. alisa says:

    Teri – I definitely concede that coconut milk and chocolate do go together nicely. That is a winning ice cream combo. But unfortunately, I find the coconut flavor steals the show with vanilla. And I do agree, coconut mint chip is just so-so. I’ll stick with my homemade mint-chip for now!

  16. Lori says:

    I love vanilla for the sheer versatility of it. Literally you can add ANYTHING… yum. And honestly, my favorite topping: Fresh cracked pepper (big chunks). I LOOOOOVE it. I’m also obsessed with cracked pepper…

    Anyway, I like the Coconut Bliss ice creams for the creaminess. But I’m not too picky when it comes to “healthy” ice creams. I’m more a fan than making my own. But apple crisp on top- I’ll settle for anything being a vehicle with that. 🙂

  17. I will have to look for this ice cream, sound great! I’ve tried the So delicious ice creams before, they’re ok, but I would love to try another brand of dairy free.

  18. Tia says:

    I am the opposite of you. I grew up loving chocolate flavored anything. But, now, I like regular chocolate, but I prefer other flavors of things like ice cream, etc. And, even though I haven’t tried too many alternative (aka – non-cow) ice creams, I prefer my homemade coconut ice cream. So easy, simple ingredients and creamy.

    But, I realized after reading Kim’s comment, I don’t even eat ice cream much anymore. We have a Pavlov’s dog response to ice cream at my in-law’s. (They always have a freezer full of at least 3-4 1/2 gallons. No joke. And, they are all skinny. It’s their only vice and they are all sports crazy.) Anyway, we haven’t bought any since I was pregnant. Darn Hain gene running through me. That boy messed me up. 😉


  19. Tiffany says:

    I agree, the Tempt Mint Chip was not very good; So Delicious Coconut Milk Mint Chocolate Chip and Coconut Bliss Mint Galactica are far tastier alternatives!

  20. Alta says:

    Yum! I am all about ice cream any time of year too.

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