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I always hesitate on doing these when I’ve been tagged, thinking “does anyone really want to know?” But, in all honesty, I love reading them, so I thought I should give back. Thanks to Sarena who tagged me for this darling meme. Actually, I’ve been tagged for a few others in these past few months, but I’ve been bad about keeping track. Please except my apologies if you tagged me and consider this my bloggy contribution …

The Rules: Tell 10 little known facts about yourself and then pass it on to 3-5 other bloggers!

My Facts:

  1. I love to puzzle. I am a very left-brained person, so doing visual jigsaw puzzles helps to relax me and defocus by forcing myself to use the other side of my brain. I’ve actually found it helps a ton to switch modes like that. I’m very into 1000 piece puzzles – not too hard, but challenging enough. My husband buys me a new one every couple of weeks at Target. I really need to find a puzzle exchange!
  2. I’ve never, ever dyed my hair. I always wonder though, because every time I ask someone what color their natural color is, they say “it’s about like yours.” It makes me wonder if I have like the worst hair color ever! But I know most are fibbing, because I’ve never met that many people with my hair color (darker blonde). Once in a while people ask me if I do dye it because I get very blonde highlights after time in the sun. Oh another weird hair fact, my hair has been the exact same color my whole life. From birth until now, not even a wee bit of darkening.
  3. My husband and I spent one month in Chile for our honeymoon and three months in Argentina for a wee sabbatical later on. Even though we spent more time in Argentina, it isn’t really some place we want to go back to. But we both absolutely loved Chile. I think Columbia is next on the South America list.
  4. I haven’t used an alarm clock in well over ten years. Okay, once in a very blue moon I need to use one to make sure I catch a flight or something (perhaps once or twice a year?), but otherwise, we wake up naturally. I always hear people say they couldn’t do that with work, but we actually shut off the alarm clock when we were working corporate jobs in the Bay Area. We retrained our internal alarms during a week’s vacation, and boy did it make all the difference in the world! I stopped having afternoon slumps, and I swear, we were never late for work!
  5. My long term dream is to have a boutique hotel in the Caribbean. My husband and I always seek out boutique hotels wherever we travel. Of course, Katie would help me lay out a garden to grow food for the hotel, all of the meals would be dairy-free, and Meghan would probably hook us up with some great yoga and health classes for guests.
  6. I am really lost on what to have for breakfast lately. Oats feel too heavy, cereal too fluffy, toast and hearty muffins sit a bit heavy, and smoothies just haven’t sounded good. I’m really just craving my brown rice cakes with nut butter frosting if anything, but I’m plum out of the rice cakes I love, and they aren’t on sale. Yes, there are differences in rice cakes. Any ideas for other good breakfasts sans grains?
  7. My husband and I each grew up in the northwest, but have fallen in love with the desert. We both feel so good in the wide open space, looking at the beautiful landscapes, and enjoying the warmer weather.
  8. On that note, I’ve always felt weird about telling people I live in Nevada and Las Vegas (right now we are actually in Lake Tahoe on the NV side, but Vegas was our home for quite a while, and a place we will probably go back to). I don’t know why, but it makes me feel like people might judge me, assume I am a crook or something. Truthfully, people who are from Vegas are some of the nicest, friendliest, most down-home people I have ever met in a large city, and I really liked living there. Everything from the awesome terrain for hiking and biking year round to the great restaurants and entertainment. More contrast then I have ever seen. Guess I will just have to get over myself!
  9. I hate coffee, but drink pots and pots of hot tea (mostly herbal) almost every day … even in the summer … in Las Vegas. Seriously.
  10. I really dislike cooked stone fruit or fruit with meat / savory dishes. My husband is the same way. Seriously, it is torture trying to use up all of these apricots and peaches the CSA is sending since the only way we like them is raw in hand (but they are ripening waaaaay too fast) or in smoothies (freezer is absolutely full now with frozen fruit). I made a crumble, and smothered it in vanilla “ice cream,” which made it okay for both of us, but really, we still didn’t like the fruit itself.

Okay, not completely sure who has and hasn’t done it, but I’m going to tag:


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  2. You crack me up, not wanting to tell people the state you live in! You are like me, you don’t want to be judge…but really who cares, if they judge you then they probably aren’t good people to begin with! I like word finds for relaxing. I got on a kick where I did them all the time. I have stopped…about 8 months ago, but I am kinda getting the itch again! Great meme!

  3. Ricki says:

    LOVED reading these! And darn, you took my puzzle fact! (well, I love to do puzzles, just don’t do them all that often). And here’s the other funny thing. . . my natural hair color is about like yours (dark blonde)!! Also been pretty much the same my whole life. Oooh, now I have to go think of ten things that might not be well-known about me. . . I promise to do it, just not sure when. 😉

    And breakfast? How about my ACD staple, baked sweet potato with almond butter melted on top?

  4. Kelly says:

    These are so fun to read! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    I loved reading this Alisa! I am the say way with these things…they kind of remind me of chain letters, but more fun to read.

    When you open your Carribean boutique hotel, I will not only plan your garden, but I will tend it as well. As long as I can eat some of the dairy free goodies.

    I’ve travelled a lot in Central and Suth America and I would love to go to Colombia too. Everyone has such mis-informed notions that it is dangerous.

    Do you eat eggs? I am a big fan of scrambled eggs in the morning.

  6. Erica says:

    Very cool facts. I love reading these too (but rarely do them myself). Your honeymoon and additional trip sound great. I am starting to get a pretty good internal alarm clock as well. Breakfast- smoothies? fruit with nut butter? Those are my go tos. I can’ t do grains either most of the time.

  7. SheFit says:

    My husband is from Vegas and he feels the same way. It’s like people don’t realize that there is more to vegas than just the strip, gambling, and drinking. lol

  8. my mom was the same way, never dyed her hair. probably the reason ur hair looks really healthy tho! <3

  9. Joanne says:

    Thanks so much for tagging me! I love reading these also but always wonder whether anyone else does.

    i am impressed with your internal alarm clock skillz. Mine is pretty reliable also. 6AM. Daily. Oy.

  10. Interesting. What about sourdough pancakes for breakfast? You could make a whole stack and then just freeze then and get them out when you needed them. Slap a bit of almond butter on them and you are away!

  11. this is a good idea!!! we are usually so busy blogging and talking about food that we forget to tell our readers some personal details about ourselves. it helps bring the readers closer to the writer!

  12. I LOVE reading random facts about bloggettes 🙂

    i cant BELIEVE you never dyed your hair!! Good for you!! I haven’t had my natural hair color since 6th grade..haha…well, what I have now is actually closest to natural it’s even been, I just add low lights to it for dimension. I used to be platinum blonde, red head, you name it!

    That;s amazing all the traveling you and your hubby did in South America!

    I would sleep the days away without an alarm clock, I wish I was more like you!

  13. terrin says:

    Breakfast inspiration: the euro-museli!! Night before take some steel cut oats, dried fruit, seeds/nuts and soak in almond milk or mix w kefeir or yogurt, next morning its filling, chilled, and so healthy!!

  14. I think that is so cool that you don’t use an alarm – I would be so scared of sleeping in (I am a teacher, so I cannot be late or there would be 26 kids running wild in my room!!!)

  15. tricia says:

    I do the exact same thing with the alarm clock, people are always amazed.

  16. lindsay says:

    I’m so impressed with your no alarm clock skills. We get up at 5am every morning and usually I wake up by 5:30 without an alarm clock but I can’t risk being late for training/work. I love argentina. Want to go back!!

  17. Lori says:

    I totally enjoyed reading those random facts about you! And very impressed you can wake up without an alarm.. or that your boy can too. I definitely have my internal clock set for around the same time each morning, but really, when my alarm goes off at 5:15 M, W, F, (gym) I just don’t want to get up- nor would I be waking at this time on my own, if you know what I mean.

  18. Danielle says:

    Alisa, it was fun to learn a bit about you! I am tickled that we seem to have a lot in common, HOWEVER… no cooked stone fruit? Really? How about jam? No? In that case, shall we price air shipping to TN? 🙂

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