Blogger Secret Ingredient Reveal

I am hosting Week 76 of the Blogger Secret Ingredient! Seriously honored and excited here – I love, love, love surprises, so this foodie blog event ranks as one of my favorites.

This week’s ingredient is …

sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds!

The rules say to pick a food that is “readily available and not too expensive.” This forgotten seed, overshadowed by hype for flax, hemp, and other “superfoods,” is certainly cheap and easy to find. Plus, it offers a host of healthy vitamins and minerals including plenty of Vitamin E, magnesium, thaimin, selenium, and more.

Show me your recipes!

To participate please submit a recipe featuring sunflower seeds or sunflower seed butter before midnight Sunday, April 25th by emailing alisa at godairyfree dot org. I will accept recipes with these seeds whole, shelled, ground, toasted, chopped, or in “butter” form. The winner and next host will be announced Monday, April 26th.

Win this!

One winner will be chosen from the submitted recipes to receive the Sweet Vegan ebook collection. Trust me, you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy these scrumptious recipes. It includes À La Mode (unbelievable ice cream recipes), Lunch Box Bites (portable snack and treat recipes), Mission Impossible Pies (quick crust-less delights), Wicked Treats (homemade candy recipes). Plus, every recipe has an accompanying full color photo.

More details

In case you’re new to BSI (or need to brush up on the rules) each week there is a new host and that host must:

  1. Pick an ingredient, preferably one that is in season and readily available and not too expensive;
  2. link back to all the other previous weekly hosts;
  3. review the recipe submissions by Sunday night of each week;
  4. pick a recipe that is your favorite; and
  5. post the winner Monday morning and send the winner a token prize of your choosing.

To participate:

  1. you do not have to have a food blog to particpate
  2. you do not have to submit a photograph
  3. if you don’t have a blog, you can submit your recipe to that weeks host, and they will post your recipe for you

The previous hosts and ingredients are:

19 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Ingredient Reveal

  1. This sounds fun, I think I may have an idea already!

  2. Great BSI choice! You don’t wanna know how many sunflower seeds I eat a day. I’ll rack my brains for a recipe! Fingers crossed!

  3. Yay congrats Alisa! I’m so excited you listed sunflower seed butter b/c that is seriously one of my favs and the first thing I thought of when you said (typed?) sunflower seeds! I’ll have to think on this one b/c I don’t know if I have a recipe! I usually jsut smear it on stuff or sprinkle seeds on my salad or have as a snack. But you’re right – they are unsung heroes!!

  4. yum, what a great choice for the BSI! I’m excited to see the submissions.

  5. How neat! I do love sunflower seeds bc they’re a much cheaper alternative to nuts!

  6. I can’t believe the BSI has been going on for 76 weeks…and that I hosted it so long ago! Crazy!

  7. Geri Tucker

    Recipe for Sun Flower seed Fudge!
    1 1/2 cup Organic ground sunflower Seeds
    1 Cup Organic Sunflower seed Butter
    1 Cup Organic Coconut, dry shreded fine
    1/4 Cup Agave syrup
    pinch Sea salt
    Mix, should be like cookie doug. If to wet to form in a ball, add more ground seeds or coconut! If to dry, add a little more agave! plkay with it!
    Mix, Pat into a pan about 1 inch deep, Chill Cut and eat!
    May add dark Chocolate powder or Carob to taste.

  8. emailed you!

  9. What a great ingredient! I could eat a million sunflower seeds in a sitting. I love how rich and buttery and nutty they are!

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