BIG Dairy-Free Gift Basket: One Winner and a Dairy-Free Discount for All!

Posted by on October 16, 2009 | 6 Comments

Wow, you people really love your gift baskets … I must admit, I do too … good to know we are on the same wavelength. More gift baskets to come!

Before I announce the winner of the Giant Natural Food / Dairy-Free Gift Basket, I wanted to let you know that Jeff of Dairy Free Market has created a special discount code allowing you to get 10% off of all the hot chocolate, mac n “cheese”, bars, and other goodies you are craving from his online store. So even if you didn’t win, this is for you:

To get 10% off your entire order at the Dairy Free Market, use the following Coupon Code: GODAIRYFREE

Now, which of you will receive this jumbo gift basket? Well, it seems that showing up early to giveaways does pay off sometimes …

dairy free market gift basket winnerCongratulations Stephanie!

“I’m so all over this! I’m a new a newbie to the dairy free world! I’d love to try the mac n cheese because I have to say that I love cheese and to know that there is a dairy free option out there really rocks my world!”

It looks like Stephanie is a new food blogger over at Life’s Little Nibbles, so head over and pay her a visit.

To keep abreast of Dairy Free Market’s new product additions, specials, etc., you can become a fan on Facebook.

Side note: If you want to be updated on my giveaways and recipes, Go Dairy Free has a fan page on Facebook, but I need to get moving on One Frugal Foodie – it will be up soon! I do tweet under OFF though.


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Comments (6)


  1. Stephanie says:

    OMG I’m so excited! My first goodie bag! YAY and thanks for the blog drop 😉

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Congratulations to Stephanie!

  3. […] out Alisa’s blog for a coupon code and grab up your OWN dairy free […]

  4. Biz says:

    Congrats to the winner! Have a great weekend!

  5. Sue B. says:

    Congratulations Stephanie!

  6. Katherine says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful giveaway! I’m so sorry i missed it.

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