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First off, quick reminder, you have just one day left to Enter to Win Organic Cookies from HomeFree Treats. 6 full-size yummy packages in all, so don’t miss out! The winner will be announced tomorrow, and after that … a recipe that I think you will really enjoy!

Now onto one of my favorite topics, grocery shopping. Like so many, I shop around for prices, both in stores and online. And I always check the Amazon Grocery deals right on the first of the month. I don’t purchase from there too often, but once in a while I find a gem. My favorite purchase is Nutiva’s Coconut Oil when they have a coupon code for it. I buy the big 54-ounce tubs for a steal (when they have them); love that stuff.

Unfortunately, while the list this month looks enticing, there are really only a couple of items on there that I might realistically have use for. In particular, I am really curious about this coconut water stuff, especially since it is such a great price. Normally it is waaaay out of the range of what I would pay for a drink that size, but with the dealio on Amazon this month the O.N.E. brand of coconut water is less than $1.00 per little aseptic pack. Since I have been looking for a good electrolyte source that isn’t gatorade-like to mix in with some fruit for post-workout, I  was wondering about this stuff. I read through several of the reviews, but they left me feeling muddled. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? Is it “worth” it? Am I just obsessed with coconut?

On that note, my husband sends me the coupon codes and deals from Amazon in a neat and tidy little list at the very beginning of each month, and I find it pretty handy to just quickly glance through since time is so precious. I just realized that some of you might make use of it to, so I am publishing it here. There is a surprising range of sale items, from very mainstream to oh-so-natural. If it is helpful, I will post them in the future too, let me know! Otherwise, skip this post and come back tomorrow for more yumminess!

Amazon Grocery Coupon Codes for May 2009

$5 off                  Taco Bell                              TACBELL5
$5 off $19            Sesmark Crackers            SESMARK8
$5 off $25            DeLallo products            DELALL59
$5 off $29            SeaBear products            SEABER59
$10 off $29          IZZE Soda                           IZZEPOPP
$10 off $29          Red Espresso                    REDESP49
$10 off $29          DeCecco products          PASTAS59
$10 off $29          Paskesz Candy/Snacks        PASKESZ4
$10 off $29          Fox River Rice products    FOXRIV25
$10 off $49          Prana and Boomi Bars         DIVINE59
$15 off $39          Nature Valley products      NATURVLY
$15 off $39          Healthy Choice products    HLTHYCHC
$15 off $49          Khaya Cookies                         KHAYA444
$20 off $49         Kellogg’s products                ALLKELLG
$20 off $49         Cucina Antica products      CUCINA99
$20 off $59         Jack’s Harvest products     JACKHAR22
$25 off $69         Jack Link’s products             JAXXLNXX
One for $25         Kraft products                        KRFTIF25
Two for $25         Kraft products                        KRFT2F25
Free Shipping      New York Coffee Co.             SOURCEAT
Free Poster           Funky Food Shop                   SEABER59
5% off   Think Thin products        THINKTH2
10% off Paldo soups                        NOODLE59
10% off Peeled Snacks                   PEELED25
10% off Crispy Green Fruit Snacks             CRSPYGRN
15% off Mangia products              MANGIA59
15% off Reserve Du Chateau       WINEKIT5
15% off Natural Value products NATVALU5
15% off Ito En teas                           ITTEAA44
15% off MOCAFE products           MCAFE434
15% off Ty Ling products               TYLNG333
15% off Earth’s Best products      EBEST545
15% off Dolce Gusto                        DLCEGUST
15% off Hain Celestial products       HAIN3433
15% off Wholesome Agave           AGAVE333
15% off Senseo products              SENSE3I2
15% off Lipton, Skippy, and More             MY9UNILE
15% off Mrs. Mays                            MRSMAY44
15% off Garden of Eatin products             EATNGAR4
15% off Little Bear and BEARITOS              LBEARLT3
15% off Jules Destrooper cookies             JULESD67
15% off Walnut Acres Organic products  WALNAC44
20% off $20  Petite Palate products         PETITE22
20% off Talbott Tea                                         TALBOT59
20% off Blue Cow Drink                                BLUECOW5
20% off Pura Vida Coffee                              PURECOFE
20% off RAB Foods                                        MANISC59
20% off Dr. Sears                                            VITAANG4
20% off Enjoy Life Foods products         ENJOYLIF
20% off Maisie Janes’s products               MAISIE25
25% off Sea’s Gift products                         JAYONE59
25% off Tiger Tiger crackers                     TIGERT25
25% off Hearts & Minds                               HEARTS25
25% off Sahale Snacks                                  SAHAL999
25% off Hillside Candy                                HILSIDE5
30% off Source Atlantique products    SOURCEAT
30% off Sophia’s Gourmet                        SOPHIA99
35% off O.N.E. Coconut Water               COCON355
45% off Panda Cremes                               PANDCRE5

You can use all of these deals on Amazon Grocery, free shipping with all orders over $25 (my favorite part)! For the most part, these offers expire on May 31st.

Comments (11)


  1. Nowheymama says:

    I love this! Keep doing it, please. There are some items I order from Amazon because it’s cheaper than special ordering them through my grocery or health food stores. I’d love to make the prices go down even more with coupon codes!

  2. Christina says:

    How cool! I never knew about amazon codes!

  3. lucy says:

    Hi, it’s lucy (marketing manager) from One Natural Experience…shoot me your address and I’ll send samples out so you can then take advantage of this amazing amazon deal!

  4. RunToFinish says:

    oh I love coupons!

  5. Scoop says:

    I never considered using Amazon for food and groceries. Thank You for the coupon codes!
    I’ll check it out. I especially like they extended their $25 Free Shipment policy to the food section.

  6. Joanne says:

    I love ordering groceries from Amazon. For some of the ones that I use really frequently, I do Subscribe and Save, which keeps them coming as often or as little as want with no shipping charge!

    I have never had the coconut water by I think Meghann over at did and said it tasted like sunscreen smells. I always have that fear with coconut products after having a bad Coconut Bubble Tea once.

  7. Libby says:

    I was resisting temptation until I got to the Enjoy Life products. I may have to order after all!

  8. Erin says:

    Hey, what do you use the coconut oil for? I’m intrigued.

  9. Wow! That is quite the list of coupon codes. Can’t wait for the day that amazon food shopping is avails in Canada!

  10. alisa says:

    Erin – coconut oil works great in baking, is good for cooking when the flavors are appropriate, and I love it for non-cooked applications like frostings, confections, and rich spreads. It is also very emolient and makes a great moisturizer!

  11. pam says:

    How does he get all those codes so organized??

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