Non-GMO Corn Starch … for a Fair Price!

Posted by on January 14, 2009 | 20 Comments

Bob's Red Mill Corn StarchThere are certain dietary things that my husband easily goes along with and there are other things … well, not so much.

No fast food?  Well he is getting better …

The vegan diet? It was a valiant 4-month adventure for him, but in the end, he is more carnivore than herbivore.

No GMO’s?  Well now we have a winner.  This is one area where he not only supports me, but he leads the way in enforcement during our grocery shopping trips (okay, so the once a week fast food may sabotage this just a bit, but I try to cut the guy some slack, we are making progress here!).

Anyway, I was stuck on cornstarch.  Arrowroot powder is expensive in my area (at least $5 a bag on a good day), and for some reason, it just doesn’t always perform as nicely as cornstarch.  But, I only found one brand of cornstarch, labeled as organic, that I could be sure was non-GMO … for over $5 a box!  Oh no.  This would just not do for a kitchen staple.  Desperate, I checked Whole Foods and spotted a big bag of the stuff from Bob’s Red Mill for just under $2.50.  Yet, the label said nothing about non-GMO or organic, so I contacted them.  To my positive discovery, they sent the following response … “All of our products, including our Corn Starch, are non-GMO.” Yes!

Since their product line includes a boatload of baking aids and grains (both wheat-based and gluten-free)  this was awesome to know as a back-up. Just wanted to share in case any of you have faced a similar dilemma.

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  1. Amy Dumas says:

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. They have great, gluten-free, non-GMO, reasonably priced, baking goods. My pantry looks like a Bob’s Red Mill shrine! LOL!

  2. Ricki says:

    Yay for Bob’s! I find their stuff always reliable and it always performs well (hmm, makes it sound like Bob and I are having an affair or something–I meant in baked goods!) 😉

  3. Nowheymama says:

    That’s really good to know! My BIL made some excellent cookies and biscuits with Bob’s GF baking mix at Christmastime. The kids loved them.

  4. VeggieGirl says:

    I use that product and brand!! 🙂

    **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  5. Dawn says:

    I bought Rumford’s non-GMO cornstarch once in the grocery store but can’t find it again. I still have the container, so I know I didn’t make this up! :o)

  6. Holly says:

    Thanks so much for this info, Alysa! I’m an American living in Europe most of the time and don’t have to check for GMO foods; but don’t like eating them when I’m in USA (which I am right now). I use cornstarch quite a bit, and was really in a quandary with where to find a non-GMO product. I’m heading to Whole Foods this afternoon.

  7. Julia Janzen says:

    I had just contacted ARGO and they said ALL of their corn products are GMO! So glad to hear that Bob’s Red Mill is a safe source.

  8. Heather says:

    YAY! I was just going to call them but you answered my question- THANK YOU! 🙂

  9. Al Swilling says:

    This is about a year after the previous post, but I think this info bears updating.

    If corn starch is organic, then it is not GMO. Some brands that I have found to be non-GMO are:

    Bob’s Red Mill All Natural Cornstarch;

    Rapunzel Organic Corn Starch;

    Rumfort Naturals Corn Starch;

    Let’s Do…Organic Organic Cornstarch

    Frontier Herb Organic Cornstarch

    There may be other brands out there, but you should be able to find one of the above brands in your area.

  10. Gail R. Campbell says:

    Hi, Thanks for doing the research on what non-GMO cornstarch is out there. Yes, Bob’s Red Mill is a terrific company. Considering the recent Seralini study over 24 months involving rats fed GMO and GMO & Roundup Ready maize, and the high number of early deaths and gross tumor development in the test animals, we need an entirely GMO-free food system.

  11. Majeedah says:

    Wow, I have been searching for a non-GMO cornstarch for my weekly baking needs and desperately seeking an affordable price. I have seen Bob’s but was not sure if it was non-GMO. Thank you sooo much for obtaining the information and sharing it!!!

  12. Suzy says:

    Everyone should really check into the NON-GMO Bob’s Red Mill is not NON-GMO verified they do not do any testing or certification . They just say Bob says it is NON-GMO.

  13. melissa says:

    I’m standing in the baking aisle at the store in search of non-gmo corn starch. Googled Bob’s. Red mill and here I am getting the answer from you! I love technology! Lol

  14. jo says:

    Official statement by Bob’s Red Mill:

    Are your products genetically modified?

    No. All of our products originate from identity-preserved, non-GMO seeds. This means that the seed planted in the ground is non-GMO. We do not guarantee the complete absence of GMO materials in our products because of wind drift, pollinators and our lack of testing equipment.

  15. Nik says:

    Bob’s Redmill does not do any testing for GMOs. It’s nice that they say it’s not GMO, but until we see some testing or certification, there are others that are not only non-GMO certified, but also organic.

    Anything Bob’s does that doesn’t say organic, is grown with pesticide.

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